Scents for the New Season

As much as I do love to mix it up and wear my favourite scents all year round I also really do love pairing scents with seasons too. In the summer I love my Byredo scents or a Fresh Peony and Blush Suede from JML but Autumn Winter scents are my favourite to play with.

I love deep, rich, warm and also masculine musky scents. Tuberose Angelica, Velvet Rose & Oud, Black Saffron – they are like a warm hug wrapping you on a cold winter day.

Last week I got to try the new Jo Malone London launch (thank you JML for being so kind as to send to me) and honestly both Chris and I haven’t stopped wearing since I received them. I wanted to share as I feel separate or paired together they are the perfect autumnal scents for the new season.

Fig & Lotus Flower is fresh but warm, it’s not too much, just the perfect amount of richness that I actually loved layering it with Cypress & Grapevine at night because of the added depth. Crisp & long lasting its perfect for the upcoming season as you really do smell it all day.

Cypress & Grapevine has a more masculine feel than my other favourite Cologne Intense scents, but yet still so fresh. Chris loves it and I can smell it on him all day so it’s also super long lasting. Woody but sensual and fresh – truly an autumnal classic, and as I said before, beautiful layered with Fig & Lotus Flower.

What is your favourite scent for Autumn & Winter, or do you just prefer one all year round?

Wishing you a wonderful Monday,

L xx