My Haircare Essentials

I feel like I get asked about haircare products a lot, probably as I do frequently share the products that I love & also because my hair is blonde and tends to grows quickly.

I’ve rounded up my favourite haircare products to take good care of my hair and promote growth.

A quick disclaimer, and I know i’ve said it before but I always get asked how to care for dyed blonde hair, but my hair is not frequently dyed. Last year I only had my hair dyed once and then I stopped as I felt the condition was poor. Before the wedding last year my hair was bleached and cut shorter than I would have liked and I was so unhappy with the condition, so I wanted to share the products that have helped me get my hair back to a healthier condition and one that i’m happy with.

These are my hero hair products

Gisou Shampoo & Conditioner

I started using this honey infused shampoo last year and honestly I don’t think I can go back. My hair always feels so silky smooth, cleansed and hydrated after using. I feel like it never strips my hair and after bleaching hair it feels so dry, this shampoo is a life saver. I also love their conditioner, I only use a tiny bit but it goes a long way. A haircare duo I will never not repurchase.

Gisou Hair Oil

I know I am clearly obsessed with Gisou but honestly this oil i’ve been using religiously for over two years. I adore this oil for keeping my hair healthy. I use it as a mask on my hair and sleep in it when I feel my hair really needs that extra love. However, currently i’ve just been putting it on my hair after styling or sometimes a quick treatment after washing. If your hair is damaged I would really recommend putting it on and tying in a bun then leaving overnight and washing out in the morning. When my hair was dried out this helped greatly.

Coconut oil

Simple but always so effective. When I wanted my hair to grow quickly before the wedding I done treatments consistently with coconut oil. Again, like the Gisou oil it helped drastically with the dryness of my hair. The only down side that I always say with this is how many times I had to wash my hair after the treatments to completely remove the oil.

Scalp Treatment

I like the Briogeo Scalp treatment as it has charcoal and tea tree and these are ingredients I kept coming across when researching how to grow my hair. Hair wont grow if your scalp is clogged up with product so doing a detox of your scalp is essential. I also just love all of the Briogeo products, they have great ingredients and the volume and thickening spray is incredible if you are needing some extra bounce to your hair.

IGK Dry Shampoo

I adore IGK products but the hero product is their dry shampoo. It makes my hair last for days so I am not constantly washing and putting heat on my hair. It is honestly the best dry shampoo you will ever use, so if you haven’t tried it, it’s worth giving it a go.

Silk Pillowcase & Scrunchies

Now, I’ve been using my silk pillowcases for around two years now and couldn’t recommend them enough for skin and hair, but only recently have I gotten to be obsessed with the scrunchies. My hair is fine and comes out easily. When in Lockdown my hair was falling out a lot with stress and then I felt because I was wearing it up so often that it was tearing out so easily. I tried some of the slip scrunchies and they are truly life savers. My hair is never damaged and I haven’t used a regular hair tie since.

Vitamins & Supplements

Last but potentially the must important, & I know I always say this on my beauty posts but it’s so essential – diet and potential supplements. It’s of course best to get all vitamins and minerals from food sources or juicing but back in May I started taking the beauty chef collagen (the first vegan one I could find) & I actually started taking it more for my skin but I really feel it has helped in making my hair grow and feel/look super healthy. I also take the Beauty Chef Antioxidant, which I read helps with getting rid of free radicals that can damage the hair follicles.

Have a lovely weekend,

L xx