Mindset Mondays

I haven’t posted my mindset blogs the past few weeks as honestly I wasn’t in the best headspace and have been struggling to write them. I think when something doesn’t come easy, I’ve learned to abandon it for a while and revisit later, otherwise it will become forced and I never want that to be the case on my site. This is a space for me to be creative and inspire, I don’t want anything to seem forced.

I’m definetly feeling lighter and in a better space so I wanted to share some resources that I use when i’m struggling and in a negative mindset.

Guided Meditations:

My favourite resource is guided meditations, I do them mostly in the morning but also at night if I feel anxious. You can easily find them on Youtube and if you want to focus on a specific topic then just type that in. I mostly use the headspace app, I find it super calming and honestly it helps me to stay the amount of time rather than just sitting breathing for 5 minutes and then moving on with my day. When I do a guided meditation in the morning, I am so much more focused throughout the day.


I know I have shared my favourite podcasts before but I wanted to link in some additional new resources. The Rise & Conquer Podcast, I love listening to Georgie’s podcast episodes, she also does guided meditations and journalling mantra episodes, which are amazing and so up lifting. I love the Mindset mentor, also mentioned before, but during the past 3 months I have relied on his short and powerful podcast episodes. I feel completely different after I listen to them. Finally, Style your mind Podcast is another that I have been finding so helpful, from mindset to business and life in general.


Not in the move your body sense, but more a way to physically move you out of your negative mindset. I feel like no matter how much I move forward in my mindset journey I still compare myself and have these limiting beliefs that I am not good enough/not creating anything of value/worthless and so recently i’ve been writing all those negative self thoughts out on paper and then ripping them up. I know it may seem trivial or strange but trust me it works. Also you could journal and then just aggressively scrub out what you write and in a sense want to rewrite.

Sending you lots of love and positivity for a new week,

L xx