Beauty Buys of The Week: Skincare

I’ve been wanting to start this series for a while, and was going to do it exclusively on Instagram stories weekly, I even had templates made up so that it would be a quick weekly edit. However, I think it’s going to be more valuable to do it on the blog so the information is saved and I can link back to these posts.

I’ll be sharing New in Products, those I have tried, tested and loved, and also sustainable/non toxic products I find that I think are worth it. I will also be sharing haircare, supplements, diet changes. wellness and anything else I think is worth talking about. I spend a lot of time researching beauty products, buying them and trying them out as I have such problematic skin, hormonal imbalance due to an eating disorder and well the list goes on. Recently when i’ve been posting products & supplements on stories I was getting a lot of messages asking for recommendations so I thought what better way to share than moving this series to the blog and writing out everything i’ve learned and love with you all.

New In:

Last week I received some products from a new sustainable online company Vyable & honestly they are the exact website I have be looking for. They pull together all the best sustainable clean products in the one place, so that we don’t have to research each brand and product. After trying some of the products from their site I can say I totally trust them. I have been using the Evolve Daily renew facial cream every morning & honestly my skin feels amazing, hydrated and more plump. I feel like my skin drinks it in & it’s 99% natural and 32% organic. I also tried the Glow cleansing clay exfoliant. You will learn over this series about my skin issues but my skin does not react well to exfoliants, I think because my skin barrier has been so damaged in the past. Anyway I have used this twice now and had no reaction and it has left my skin softer and brighter. I will continue using both, plus others from Vyable and update you within the next few weeks.

Hero Product:

This weeks Hero Product has to be the Aurelia probiotic cleanser. In 3 weeks this turned my skin around. As I said above, I think with the stress of lockdown and work, my skin barrier was really damaged. I also heard that the light from our computer and phones can contribute to this, and I wouldn’t be surprised as my skin was awful in April. I stripped back and only used this cleanser and a serum/moisturiser for a few weeks and my skin totally transformed. During this time I also started taking the Beauty Chef collagen, which I will talk about in the future, and I think this has helped also. This cleanser is so nourishing and relaxing to use, plus the probiotics have helped rebuild my skin barrier so that I can now use all my other products without redness and clogging up my skin.

Currently Loving:

I had wanted to try The Nightly Retinol from BeautyBio for months, I follow the founder on instagram and her skin is incredible. The brand are very science based and I love the values. I started using this when my skin barrier was damaged and my skin was getting gradually worse and at first I thought it was just an adjustment to the product but then after research and watching Kellie Baldwins IGTV on this I was sure it was the barrier. I had to step away from it for a while but after repairing the barrier, I have been loving using this retinol at night. It has transformed the texture of my skin.

Last month I bought some Glossier make up and added in a balm dot com, which I hadn’t used in around a year. I had been using Lanolips instead but now I think I prefer this, keeps my lips super hydrated but not as sticky as Lanolips so I use it more and can easily carry with me.

Second Chance:

I had high hopes for Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask so I bought the small size to give it a try a few months back and honestly I hated it to start with, I felt my skin drank it all in but then became really clogged. Now looking back this was because my skin was in such bad shape. A few weeks ago I gave it another try and loved it. It left my skin so hydrated, glowy and feeling fresh. I am so glad it’s working for my skin now, as I love the brand and the use of clean vegan ingredients. Next i’m trying the Overtime mask.

I feel like I just keep learning about my skin and what products work as my skin changes. The past year is the worst my skin has ever been and it’s finally now almost back to a state that I am happy with, which is why I felt this was the perfect time to share with you all. I really hope you will love this new series and that it will be somewhat valuable.

Have a lovely Thursday,

L xx