Mindset Mondays – Journaling

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a lovely weekend? I think today is probably a little strange, well if you live in the UK anyway, as restrictions are changing in parts and not in others. Mostly, lockdown continues and I think so many of us are fatigued and possibly struggling mentally more than ever.

I think for me anyway, as time goes on and I see others going back to some slight normality in other countries it makes me anxious and I feel almost more restless than I was 7 weeks ago.

I know I mentioned it last week but I wanted to touch on it a little more as the past week it has helped me so much to turn my days around.
I have started to sit down again every morning and take time before I do anything else to journal and write what i’m feeling, what i’m grateful for that day and also my goals for the day to help keep me focused.

There is something about writing your thoughts down that helps you take control back over them and instantly I feel better, less anxious and almost excited to have a good day. I know I often talk about the miracle morning and one of is life SAVERS is to write but so often I would just find myself writing 2 lines and wanting to get my day started, but actually that takes away the point. The point is more to help process your thoughts and get them out and clear before you start your day. It makes such a huge difference for my daily mindset and mood. It almost lights a weight off me so that I can start the day with a new clarity.

So if you find yourself struggling just now, try spending 15-20 minutes just writing it down, what are you grateful for, how do you feel, what are your goals and affirmations – whatever is on your mind just write it down, it will help you become clear and slowly the anxiety will fade away.

Have a wonderful week and speak soon,

L xx