Mindset Mondays – A time for becoming

I seen @frassyaudrey sharing the above Glennon Doyle Tweet this morning & honestly it got me thinking about how i’ve never been so uninspired in my life than I have at this time. I feel sick/guilty/worried about it everyday, I feel useless and keep wondering if my inability to share anything other than content that I truly love is affecting my career & the years of effort it’s taken to get me here.

I do a lot of content creation for brands separately from my own blog and social, which I love and was hoping to expand, but times like this I worry if I could – constantly wondering if i’m good enough.

So to see others are struggling with this also is comforting and a good reminder that this will pass. If we focus on doing what we love and what makes us happy but also just let this be, then the creativity will come. Just like our lives, it will come back eventually – similar to what I said in my recent post about the butterflies, this is our time to focus before we bloom.

I also thought it was important to share because this morning I posted a quote on instagram about taking a leap regardless of the worries, and I thought this may offer a bit of back story as to why I’m feeling like that currently.

I’m unhappy with any content I create for instagram, because I can’t shoot the street style that I love, and although I would love to adapt, it just doesn’t inspire me. I think we also have to remember that we are who we are and being authentic to that is much more important, and in time I will be able to create the content I love again.

However, in the meantime, this week I start working on 2 exciting projects that i’ve been putting off for over a year and so taking that jump and for the first time in 2 months, (work wise) it feels right.

Anyway, I wont ramble anymore, but please just know that if you are lost too, you are not alone.

L xx