Mindset Mondays – My Top 4 Books that helped transform my mindset

This week I wanted to share 4 of my favourite books that helped change my mindset. These are the foundations in my life, and helped change my point of view when looking at all other aspects of my life. I have lots more favourites in terms of business and deeper into manifesting, but these 4 are a great place to start if you are interested in improving your mindset.

1.The Four Agreements

I actually read this after the next book I will mention, which is the Mastery of Love. However I think The Four agreements had a bigger impact on me as it really teaches you how to free your mind of self limiting beliefs through easy steps.
The Four agreements are; Be impeccable with your Word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions & Always do your best.
These showed me how changing to a positive mindset can truly transform your life for the better and I keep this book beside my bed and often reread the agreements. I would say Be impeccable with your word and Don’t take anything personally, helped me the most. Don Miguel Ruiz discusses that when you speak against yourself or gossip about others you project negativity as what you speak is what you create. If you speak with integrity and are always impeccable with your word, you will feel good, happy and at peace. Honestly, it works.

2. The Mastery of Love

I read this after I heard Gisele and Tom Brady talking about it and how they loved the book so much that they gave it out as wedding favours. In The Mastery of Love Ruiz talks about fear in relationships, and how fear doesn’t respect anything, yet true love is based on respect. Love is full of compassion but it doesn’t feel sorry for anyone. If you love someone you should respect them. This also relates to self-pity, and feeling not good enough. He teaches you that happiness only comes from you and your love of yourself, you cannot rely on anyone else to bring you that, you are responsible. In a relationship, there is two halves, you and your partner or anyone you love like, a family member. In every relationship you are only responsible for your half, and to master a relationship it relies on you knowing that everyone has their own lives and dreams. If you respect that then there is no war(negativity). Ultimately, the key to relationships is loving yourself and respecting both you, as so you do not allow others to take advantage of you, and also respecting the other half of that relationship and coming from a point of love. This book gave me a complete mind shift 2 years ago when I read it and learned that, similar to the Four agreements, the more you love and respect yourself, the better all relationships (and aspects) of your life will be.

3. The Miracle Morning

I’ve always been a morning person. I love mornings, I always feel fresh and inspired and since I was young i’ve had a morning routine of exercise, breakfast and get ready for the day. However, last year before the wedding, I wasn’t sleeping well and was beyond stressed and anxious that I struggled a lot to stick to a routine. The Miracle morning helped me to set out a morning routine that I wanted to get up for and that also helped me to focus and be less stressed throughout the day.
Hal Elrod talks about the 6 habits that will transform your life, all before 8am, he calls them the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. With a mix of exercise, affirmations, journaling and silence these practises honestly will change your life. Making morning rituals has been so important in my mindset shift and especially for becoming more productive, successful and also happy throughout each day.

4. You are a Badass at Making Money

My final favourite is my most recent read of the 4. I finally bought the audiobook of this at the start of the year after hearing so many people discussing it on podcasts about mindset, success and manifesting. I loved it because not only is Jen Sincero super funny and I laughed a lot throughout the book, but the lessons are incredible. Money is such a funny subject for so many people, as we often have negative beliefs attached to money. She teaches you how to master the mindset of wealth and the energy surrounding it. I found it similar to the secret, with a focus on manifesting and how your thoughts become your reality. There are so many great tips and techniques throughout the book that is definitely worth a read.

I hope you found this post useful. I’ve had so many lovely messages about these posts so far already, which is so lovely, and I can’t wait to keep bringing more content.

Hope you are all well this week and sending love,

L xx