Mindset Mondays

Last week I was listening to an episode of the Mindset Mentor podcast and it really resonated with me so I wanted to share it incase you need to hear it, like it did.

In short, he is talking about butterflies and how they have to be in a cocoon for around 30% of their life before they become beautiful butterflies (he is talking about Monarch Butterflies in particular) and how that just because we’re “stuck” at home for this period doesn’t mean that life has to end or be held back. This can be such a time for growth, like we are in a cocoon, not a cage.

If we just change our mindset to a positive growth mindset we can really see that there is an opportunity in this free time, which we never have this amount of again. if we can step out of that victim and fixed mindset and realise that things happen for us, not to us, then we can truly see this time we have as an opportunity to learn and grow, whilst also saving so many peoples lives by following the rules.

It really made me think about how you can so easily change a situation just by trying to switch your mindset and how you look at things. I had already used the time I have to really focus on making my blog become a space that I love and I am enjoying every minute of it. However, I also want to look at how can I take this time when everyone else is maybe standing still, and learn how to progress and move forward – learn new skills and maybe do an online course.

On the other hand, it is also the perfect time to slow down and take time for yourself. I think you have to decide what YOU need to use this time for and what will be most beneficial to you and your life after it all ends.

Anyway, i have linked the podcast here if you want to listen to it and feel inspired to turn your thoughts on this situation around.

Have a wonderful week,

L xx