Mindset Mondays – Slowing down & Self care

As we fully move into Taurus Season, my favourite of course, I want to take this time to ground and slow down. The past few weeks have been truly surreal and at times I feel ok and then I can’t sleep or become anxious over things that wouldn’t normally bother me.

Taurus is an earth sign so it’s all about that grounding presence, but also ruled by Venus, which brings in that pleasure aspect. Taking the time to slow down and focus on doing things that you really love, and will make you happy and feel good. Enjoy the little things that bring us joy at this crazy time, a walk outside as spring is finally here, or buy yourself something to help you relax – a new book or herbal tea. Whatever it may be, I love this season of serenity for slowing down and looking after yourself, which is very relevant and needed in the current climate, so why not embrace it.

It’s the best to focus on rebooting your mindset and that shift from negativity to gratitude and growth. For me, that is the ultimate self care.

Have a lovely week,

L xx