Working from home? – Throw a Blazer on

Or anything that makes you feel a little better.

For me, it’s a Blazer. They have always been my favourite piece because they make me feel chic and and pulled together. I also truly believe a good fitting blazer can make you feel powerful and for me, it pushes me to be productive and feel like I am in ‘work mode’. I’ve been getting dressed to work from home for over a year now and honestly along with a set hourly schedule it has been the the biggest help in keeping me productive.

For you it may be a cute dress (dreaming of summer) or just jeans and a T-shirt. Whatever it is that makes you feel put together and in ‘work-mode’ it is so worth it to make the effort.

This look is always my go-to for everyday because it’s a simple formula that is easy to mix and match different pieces and tones/colours to achieve different results. You can do black jeans with a black blazer and white Tee or White denims with a khaki blazer and grey Tee – the basis and the foundation for this easy look remains the same and always looks great.

Blue blazer and amazon sunglasses
denim skinny jeans, blue blazer and sandals

It’s also a silhouette that you can mix and match higher end pieces with high street and achieve such a tailored style. I always love to invest in a good white V-neck, made from good material that will last is so worth the extra money. Jeans are also a good investment because they are so timeless. Then have some classic blazers, but play around with seasonal and high street styles to achieve different looks.

close up blue blazer with gold buttons

Overall, denim, A classic T and a blazer will be a style you wont ever get bored of wearing. I hope you found this helpful in any way and hopefully you can use take some inspiration for your time working at home.

Let me know your thoughts on the new blog also! I tried to make it a little more clean and easy to use. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Speak soon, and please remember, if you are struggling at all during this time you can always message me on instagram @lucyflorals, I love chatting to so many of yo in my dm’s every day.

L xx

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Decjuba Blazer
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