Mindset Monday’s

For this week’s Mindset Monday’s I wanted to share some of my favourite podcasts that have helped me to have a more positive and growth mindset. Moving to a growth mindset could really help so many fo us during this time because instead of being fixed in the state of negativity and focusing on the restrictions to our once normal life, we can see the small benefits of this time at home and decide how we can learn and grow from it all.

Of course the main benefit for us staying home is to social distance, help to stop the spread of the virus and in turn save lives, which to me is a benefit big enough. However, as someone who has gone through a restrictive eating disorder, I know how hard it is to resist trying to take back the control in an unhealthy way. Seeing only the negatives, especially when we have no idea really of how long this will last, seems like the easiest way to deal with it. However, switching to a growth mindset will help you to see the potential in this time, instead of the restrictions.

I feel like I have already pushed myself out of my comfort zone in so many ways at home and with my business. Really just now we have to learn to adapt, striving to do our best and choosing to learn things that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find the time to. Again like I was saying last week, the easiest way to take back the control in your life is to change your mindset.

It has definitely been a journey for me but the below podcasts have helped, I find that if I consistently listen to them, it helps even stop me in my tracks when my mindset begins to get fixed and negative.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

The Rise & Conquer Podcast

Style Your Mind Podcast

The Mindset Mentor

These are great to listen to when you need to feel inspired, are having a rough day or just to take 15 minutes out of your day to have a new perspective and keep you feeling driven. Next week I will share the books that have helped me most throughout this process, and hopefully they can help you too.

Have a lovely Monday,

L xx