Weekday Wardrobe – A Casual everyday uniform

I recently read an article about why we love clothing so much, and its because of how it makes us feel – great and empowered. For me, this makes sense because I’ve always been infatuated with clothes, the fabrics and design, its just something i’ve always loved. Seeing clothes and planning out looks is so exciting to me that I suppose I never considered that to some people it could be a chore.

I thought about how clothes can really make me feel in control and have a productive week, and the difference pulling together and putting on an outfit makes vs feeling sloppy in something I flung on for comfort. I also think that no matter where you work, whether it’s a casual or business environment, or you work from home, it still feels good and gets you in a work mindset to get properly dressed and then sit down at your desk, ready to start the day.

Considering this, I thought I would share what I do to make my life super easy during the week and share my capsule weekday uniform. At the start of the week I pull together my classic pieces and set out 5 looks on hangers so that it’s stress free and ready to go in the morning. Although I wear a variation of the same styles – blazer, tee, white shirt etc. every week, I think it’s that versatility of a uniform that makes it easy. Don’t they say that is what successful people wear, so that they can eliminate stress from that aspect of their life, and you can focus that energy on something else?

I have pulled together some great pieces, similar to my weekday wardrobe to show you how easy it is to mix and match the pieces, plus add in other statement pieces as well to give the look’s that little extra if you feel they need it that day!

Let me know your thoughts on a weekday uniform and if you wear one also? Speak soon,

L xx