5 Denim brands that Stand the Test

If you’ve been following for even some time it will be no surprise to you that I love and wear denim more than anything else. It’s something i’ve always worn, loved and felt most comfortable in. I love experimenting with it, different styles and different brands.

When I was 13 I used to ask for a pair of £100 diesel jeans for my birthday or Christmas because I loved the fit and that they never wore out. I suppose when it comes to denim i’ve always been about quality over quantity. Although, more recently I’ve been playing around and buying different pairs of high street denim, and for some pairs, I do like and wear them but really they don’t compare. If I spend say an extra £50 I can get a pair of Levis and after 5 years they almost look new, haven’t stretched and fit like a glove. I can’t say the same for cheaper denim.

On that note, i’ve pulled together a top 5 edit of my favourite tried and tested denim brands. Agolde for style and fit, buy a classic pair like the black style above and they will last you a lifetime. Redone, like Agolde, are another pair worth the investment. Vintage Levi feel but with a fit like no other, I bought my first pair 2 years ago and they haven’t stretched at all. Last year I was introduced to JBrand denim for the first time and the white pair that I linked are one of my all time favourite pairs. They are super comfortable and one of the most flattering styles I own, especially being white and high waisted.

Now if you have a budget of around £100 and want a great pair of denims then you have to go for the Levi 501 skinny. They fit so well, super flattering and honestly after all these years I still reach for mine at least once a week. They are timeless in style, shape and fit.

Finally, when it comes to denim shorts, skirts etc then it has to be One teaspoon. I am obsessed with their relaxed fits, they just give off that relaxed cool girl vibe and they have some amazing and unique washes. Their denim skirts are pretty much the only ones that I wear, and definitely another brand worth the small investment.

I hope you found this useful and please leave me a message or send me one on instagram if you have any other denim related questions. I get asked about this almost every week so I hope this post will be helpful.

L xx