Wedding Wednesday’s – Beauty: The Prep + Wedding Hair & Make Up

Prep In The Months Before The Wedding

In the months leading up to the wedding I focused a lot on skin. I went for facials with Origins & La Mer and tried a number of “hero” products out at the start of the year to try and find the perfect routine. For me, the hero products were the Verso Retinol and Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin C

Apart from hormone break outs my skin had been great, I have no redness or pigmentation and my complexion is pretty smooth. I was however worried about my lack of volume, which I speak of often, so I wanted to focus on this. The regular facials helped, in terms of massage and I tried to massage my face each day for 5 – 10 minutes. I went to Face Yoga, which also helped and some sessions at the Face Gym in London, were amazing.

I had been growing my hair for over a year, as well as my eyebrows and nails so I did a lot of oil treatments with vitamin E and castor oil, making masks and applying the oil each day on my brows and nails to keep them in the best condition. I also made sure I was getting all my nutrients through eating & juicing and took supplements that I needed like Zinc for example, and Maca to help balance my hormones. Please always get your blood tested before taking any kind of supplement, because some supplements (like iron) you can have too much of.

For my body I stuck to dry body brushing, herbivore rose body polish and coconut oil.

Prep In The Week Before The Wedding

Eyebrows – Probably one of the best treatments I done. 2 weeks before my wedding, the incredible Louise Ballantine, my make-up artist, text me saying she had tried out a new treatment on herself as she thought it was perfect for the brows I wanted to achieve on my wedding day. She done Brow Lamination or “The Fluffy Brow” treatment and honestly I cannot even begin to explain the difference in my patchy sad down facing brow hairs. I wouldn’t normally post a photo I took to show my mum, but I had to because the treatment is too good. She has now opened her diary for the treatment at

Tan – The Day before we flew to Paris I had a St Tropez spray tan at Aesthetica Glasgow by the amazing Olivia and by the time the wedding day game it was the perfect colour and glow!

Eyelashes – Another favourite treatment of mine. I had an LVL with Tara @eyeluv_lvlv_lashes_renfrewshire for the 3rd time a week before the wedding. I always love when she lifts my lashes, because they change the shape of my face and soften it a little. Plus they last forever and it meant that before and after the wedding I literally had to wear no make up because my brows and eyes were already done.

I stripped back my skincare in the weeks before my wedding because my skin breaks out with stress, and it seemed to be only be getting worse after 6 months of it being so clear and glowy. I used only a gentle cleanser, pulled all my oils and used the Verso Deep hydration masks for the full week before the wedding and honestly they saved me.

Beauty On The Day

Wedding Hair – I was obsessed with my simple sleek wedding hair. I always knew I wanted it up because the dress as a high neck, but also because that style with the front parts shaping my face just seems to suit me. I think its so important to pick something that you know suits you and makes you feel your best rather than going for something totally different and not feeling like you. Loredana of Cherry Cherry Hair was recommended to me by Louise my Make-up Artist and as soon as I spoke with her I knew she was the perfect fit. She got my vision immediately and started sending me images and inspiration. I also had a number of issues with my hair and the dress before the wedding so she was amazing, helped calm me and came to my house to do more trials to make sure we got it absolutely perfect on the day, which she did!

Wedding Make up – I had followed Louise (Louise Ballantine Make Up) online for a long time, but was unsure of whether or not to take people with me for Hair and Make Up or chance it with someone in Paris without a trial. I kept pinning minimal styles and a lot of looks from Nikki Make Up on Instagram. Louise shared a look she had done that had a similar glowy golden skin and big brow vibe and I messaged her straight away.
For my Wedding make up, again I wanted to feel like a better version of myself and Louise got it so perfect. I wanted glowing skin, but also for it to last all day, which it did! My eyes were a focal point, using tones to make my blue eyes pop, and the fluffy brows to help soften my harsh cheekbones.

I seriously loved my wedding hair & make-up and I am so grateful to them both for being there not only on the day to make me feel incredible, but for the support, help and inspiration in the months before the wedding.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it may help you if you are getting married in the future. I have linked all my products below, as well as the pages for everyone I mentioned as I would highly recommend them all!

Have a lovely Wednesday,

L xx