Curating A New Season Capsule Wardrobe with Amanda Wakeley

As Autumn & Winter approach, I always find myself trying to reinvent my style, create a new wardrobe, a new lease of life. It’s almost like a new year but in the middle of one, where I become so inspired again and ready for what lies ahead.  

The past few years, I have made a conscious effort to create a true capsule wardrobe, curating a collection of pieces that work with each other for different seasons and are wearable throughout the years. Not only is it more environmentally friendly but I also always wanted to have that timeless style, beyond the trends.  

When it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe, it can be hard, especially with British weather, but choosing beautifully made pieces with incredible fabrics is what I have found to be key.  

The Amanda Wakeley signature collection is the ultimate capsule wardrobe for me. When I look at those timeless styles that are so interchangeable with many other pieces in my existing wardrobe, it’s like a perfect fit.  

I choose 3 different styles from both the signature and Autumn Winter collection to help me curate my new season wardrobe and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. I tried to stick to distinctive looks but still keep the pieces classic as to be easily paired with other pieces I already own. Like that knitwear, for example, can so easily be paired with denim or over a skirt/dress. I just love all of the styles and pieces – what do you think?  

Sharing my top 3 tips for curating a New Season capsule wardrobe with you below! 

  1. Textures - Choose a mix of textures to add dimension and depth to your looks. For example I love that the V-neck sweater above had the satin sleeves to help elevate a simple look. I also love leather, it can transform a casual looks, especially in the jogger silhouette, it just adds a unique style.  
  1. Layering - Choose pieces that are easy to layer with basics for not only warmth on colder days but again for dimension to your looks. A layered looks is always more interesting and fun, and honestly the reason I love autumn and Winter fashion so much.  
  1. A Wild Card – The white suit was my wild card, I always have something like this in my wardrobe that when worn together it is so striking and beautiful for a special event but can also be worn separately in a more casual setting too. For you this might be a statement coat or a beautifully unique dress – the beauty of it is that you create it around your needs. A capsule wardrobe is all about getting use out of your pieces because of their versatility. 

As I get older and not only my style but also my lifestyle changes I realise the importance of investing in clothing that is of quality and lasts. These timeless pieces are beyond worth the investment but also so easily paired with all those items the you already own.  

I simply adore the Amanda Wakeley styles that I was able to try and I cannot wait to keep adding pieces to my new wardrobe building blocks.  

I hope you found this helpful and inspiring for your new season style! Have a great week,  

L xx 


Ercu Crew Neck Oversized Cashmere jumper
Black Leather Cuff Trousers
Grey Cashmere & satin sweater
Black Slim Leg Trousers
Tux Jacket with Statement cuff
Slim Leg Trousers with Ribbon
Robbie Shoulder Bag
Chunky Silver Necklace

This post was created in collaboration with Amanda Wakeley all opinions and views are my own.