Something old, Something New

Good morning & happy Tuesday! Sorry that i’ve been MIA the past few weeks, but life has been super busy. Incase you haven’t seen the update on my instagram, Chris & I had our legal wedding at home on Thursday and so are now officially married ahead of our wedding in Paris next week.

If i’m honest I thought I would be able to juggle more in the lead up to the wedding, what with my day job, full time blogging with sponsored projects and all of effort that planning a wedding abroad takes. However, I have totally struggled to keep on top of everything and ended up pretty ill – definitely my body telling me to slow down!

Now i’m really just trying to enjoy the next few weeks and take everything in, all those small details that i’ve spent months planning. So after tomorrow there may be a week or so without posts but just bear with me as there is SO much new and amazing content coming post wedding and for the Autumn/Winter season.

Ok, back to this post! I wanted to share a special piece of jewellery with you all.

As we didn’t exchange rings on our legal wedding day, because we are saving that for our symbolic ceremony at our actual wedding, I wanted to wear something special that I could wear on that day and everyday since then to symbolise our marriage to me. I wish I had more images of the day that I could share but it was pouring with rain and we managed to only get 1 iPhone photo.

I decided to go for a bracelet, something a little different to a ring, so that I could still wear it after the wedding, and that it would fit perfectly with my collection of everyday pieces that I love to wear.

FIYAH have the most beautiful and meaningful pieces. If you know me you will know that i’m a hugely spiritual person when it comes to the universe, signs, positivity etc. so I fell in love with the brand straight away. Not only do they have the most beautiful jewellery but the energy of the brand, their message is so empowering and positive, it just fits me and my hopes for the future perfectly.

The feather bracelet that I choose for my wedding day symbolises love, protection and new beginnings, and so with that and the fact that it is the most beautiful everyday bangle, I really couldn’t have chosen a better piece to represent that day.

I hope you loved it and stay tuned for all the wedding updates coming soon!

Have a great Tuesday,

L xx

Special Thank you to FIYAH for sponsoring this post & for the beautiful wedding gift.