The main reason I wanted to have a small wedding was so that I could really go in on the details and make it the most beautiful and personal day for everyone involved.

As i’ve said before, I love details, I really am a details orientated person and it’s been something that i’ve really got excited about throughout this whole process. So I wanted to share some tips for how to make your small wedding extra special for your guests and for yourself of course.

  1. Personalised Invites
    This was the first thing that I knew I wanted to do different to make each guest feel special. If you haven’t seen my post on my floral invites then you can read it here. Whatever you choose to do, invites can be such a great way to set the tone for your event and make it special for each person.
  2. Choose an exciting venue
    As you are having a small wedding with less people, you can choose a spectacular venue. I wanted to focus on the venue and the uniqueness, the food and it’s special features, like being able to see the Eiffel Tower at night when it’s lit up. I also loved the idea of a ranch or beach wedding where you are really in the heart of that venue and everyone feels involved and excited. You want the venue to feel full and not empty so think outside the box and look at places that will have a magical feel for your and your guests.
  3. Make everything as personal as possible
    Table settings are a great way to add unique aspects for each person, hand written name settings and individual menus for example. You can even change the colour scheme, or add little details that are specific to each person based on what they like. This is also a fun way to play around with the decor and tablescapes, which will be super important for a smaller wedding.
  4. Different favours
    Another way to make your day super personal for your guests is to get exciting and fun favours. We choose every individual favour for each person. It took me forever to decide on favours and then Chris randomly had an idea and now i’m beyond excited for everyone to open their favours on the day. If you think outside of the box this can be another way to make your day extra special.
  5. Surprises throughout the day/night
    Whether it be a surprise live music performance or planning exciting things to happen throughout the evening. This is a great way to make your guests feel super special and involved in your intimate wedding celebrations. Again because you have fewer people the budget for the wedding can go further and you can do more with it. I have a number of things planned, but you will hear/see all about it post wedding!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful in some way if you are having a smaller wedding also.

L xx