Wedding Wednesdays – Q&A Round Up

Happy Wednesday to you all! I am finally getting round to pulling together the questions and DMs that you sent about the wedding (sorry it took me so long) and have decided to pull the most common together and make it easier to read. For the more detailed questions about planning and details, I will do a full post/round up of my thoughts and tips on holding a wedding in Paris after the wedding so I can give details of the people who I used etc.

For now, these are the most common questions I got asked in the poll and get really every time I post anything about the wedding. Enjoy!

L x

  1. Why Paris?

    I think I have probably answered this in a post on here before, but we choose Paris kind of randomly after having looked at the South of France and The US. We went with Paris in the end because I fell in love with the venue and for ease for family that are travelling and also the service that the hotel provide with a wedding planner, dealing with everything in French. In the south it was proving to be much more difficult to get what I was looking for.

  2. When is the wedding

    The wedding is in mid September this year.

  3. Are you having a theme & if so what’s the inspiration behind it?

    Not really, I just wanted it to be so personal for those coming because it’s a wedding of only 25 people. I also wanted it to just be beautiful and chic and ultimately timeless.

  4. What’s the venue like?

    Classic french with a contemporary twist, the venue fits my style perfectly. It has the most perfect location and honestly i’ve never seen a hotel so beautiful.

  5. Have you got a photographer? and was it easy to find one in Paris?

    I do, I found this one hard because I wanted someone who fit my style and aesthetic but most of those in Paris or many of the photographers I looked at had really light and airy imagery. I scrolled through instagram and finally found an amazing photographer who is coming from Germany to shoot the wedding and I already can’t wait to see her images! Also the prices I got quoted in Paris for 6 hours of photography were crazy!

  6. Are you organised?

    I would like to think I am considering its 8 weeks to go but I still have a lot of small details to finalise, I actually find those things more stressful.

  7. How did you choose your dress?

    I wrote a little about this in my 5 tips for finding the perfect wedding dress for you post. I looked at so many different dresses and tried on lots to. The easiest thing was to narrow it down to style, look and cut. I knew what I wanted with that and so I looked at designers that I loved and then went to London to start trying on dresses. I think I had a gut feeling of what I wanted and when nothing was quite perfect enough, I knew bespoke was the way forward for me.

  8. What style is your dress?

    It’s a secret, but I don’t think it’s what people will expect, or maybe they will – who knows!

  9. Are you wearing more than one dress?

    Potentially yes, but more of an outfit at night than a second wedding dress.

  10. Have you chosen your wedding shoes?

    Yes! and I have never loved anything more in my life. I got them a few months back and everyone that has seen them so far has LOVED them.