Wedding Wednesdays – Venue Inspiration

I always thought i’d get married on the beach, in fact I was so sure of it. However, when it came to it and we thought about how practical it was and the other wedding details we wanted it turned out not to be exactly right.

If i’m honest I think I wanted a lot of things, or well maybe not, I just wanted something different and overwhelming beautiful. It had to be abroad so that it was somewhere that our families had never been to a wedding there before and really I just wanted the whole experience, the venue and the decor to be magical and not like any other wedding.

This made finding a venue hard. I changed my mind a lot, from the beach in the South of France to the Hamptons then even to San Ysidro Ranch in California, which would have been so impractical albeit beautiful. I looked online every day for months and months but in the end the venue we have chosen, that I over looked, found me. We went to see it and I fell in love more and I honestly can’t believe we are getting married there.

Since this post is all about inspiration and not just my wedding venue, I have included some of my favourite locations and venues below that inspired me to think out of the box for the venue and the styling.

Enjoy – L xx