Wedding Wednesdays – Hair Care

Good morning, I hope you are having the best week so far? I’m back today chatting all about my hair care routine that i’ve put into place in the lead up to the wedding.

I done a post on this around 6 months ago, and my thoughts are still the same. Nutrition, drinking lots of water and juicing have helped my hair grow so quickly and keep it extremely healthy. The more nutrients the better! I usually juice spinach, cucumber and celery for Vitamin A & C and then I take a daily natural B12 supplement spray. I don’t take any specific hair growth supplement, I just take natural supplements for the vitamins that we need to promote healthy hair growth, like B vitamins and collagen. Overall, eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies and drinking them too is how you will see the difference within weeks.

However, I do also do lots of care to make sure it’s in the absolute best condition that it can be for the wedding in September.

My number One product(s) that have helped me are the Gisou products. Since I started using their oil I seen a massive difference in the condition of my hair. This year I started using their shampoo and condition along with their actual hair mask and I really couldn’t go back to any other product, I can honestly say their products are so worth the investment, especially if you have damaged hair.

Another trick I do is put Vitamin E oil on the ends of my hair to keep them healthy and I occasionally massage it into my scalp as I heard that it promotes blood circulation and can help with hair growth. I only do this once every few weeks because I really need to wash my hair 3-4 times to remove the oil. The same with the coconut oil masks that I do, they are incredible and my hair feels amazing but I tend to do it when I know I can wear my hair up for a couple of days so that it really gets the benefit of it.

Another great way to nourish your hair is an avocado mask – I love this blog for recipes. It’s inexpensive and you can use ingredients you have at home to really get your hair in a great healthy condition. Feels a little strange bur worth it for the silky condition!

I’ve really been limiting heat as much as possible, wearing my hair up most days and doing scalp massage to promote as much healthy growth as possible. Overall in the past few months I’ve been super happy with the length and it’s also starting to get thicker, which is exactly what I wanted.

Are you getting married soon or just have any great hair care tips that you always do – i’d love to hear so please share with me below!

Thanks for reading as always – speak soon,

L xx

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