Wedding Wednesday’s – 5 Tips for picking the perfect Wedding dress for You

When I ever thought about getting married, I seen myself in that Bianca Jagger style white satin tuxedo with a hat & veil. I never seen myself having a big wedding, or wearing a normal wedding dress. Yet when I started looking at them, I started to fall in love with the designers and the different styles and soon the tuxedo was more a night outfit, if even, and I wanted to find the dress. You only get to wear one once right? As this all changed pretty quickly for me, I wanted to share the things I learned whilst shopping for my wedding dress, and the tips that helped me in choosing.

  1. Have an open mind – Obvious, but still so true. I of all people thought I would know exactly what suited me, but i’ve never tried on wedding dresses in my life before so how could I?
  2. Think outside the box – Set aside the dress you think you want and look at wedding images on pinterest or instgram, what jumps out at you? Do you love one style, or a certain material or detail. Save all those images you love and write everything down that you about them, then when you go to try on dresses you are not just focused on one style, but have an understanding of lots of different aspects tat you like.
  3. Go with your gut – I had almost chosen my dress, but in my head I still had an idea that I loved, and felt would suit me best and so I just asked if they could do it, and then I ended up with a bespoke, which I get to see for the first time in 3 weeks eek! It’s so important to listen to your gut and be open and honest and ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, you wont get.
  4. Consider your venue – This one was huge for me although it never really hit me until I was trying on dresses at Halfpenny in London & the lovely lady helping me said something about having a castle wedding but trying beachy style dress’s – do you really want a beach wedding? It made me think, you don’t want to look out of place with your venue and with me being so crucial on details, I wanted everything to flow. So, yet again, the aforementioned tuxedo for my dream Paris wedding was a no go. Now, I am so glad she gave me that insight before I actually bought a dress.
  5. Do your research – For dress styles, colours, shapes, materials and also places you want to go to look at dresses. I choose London because there is nowhere in Scotland that stocks Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang & those were the two designers I had my heart set on that I loved every dress and each image stood out so I desperately wanted to try them. If you have a designer you love, that you follow on instagram or seen on Pinterest, find out who stocks their dresses or if they have a boutique and where is it so you can decide if you want to travel or not. I am so glad I did travel to London for mine because the selection was just so much more, but keep in mind that when you do travel, you will have to travel back and forth for fittings. I still have 3 fittings in London and won’t get my dress until 4 days before I fly to Paris, so it can be risky and also pricey.

    Overall, just relax and enjoy the experience. It’s so much fun trying all of the dresses on, so try not to stress about it and just take it all in. I hope you found this somewhat helpful and see you next week for more wedding chat!

    Speak soon,

    L xx