Product Spotlight: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick

I’ve been using this new Bare Minerals launch for almost 2 months now and I can fully say that it is my new go to foundation and I wear it pretty much everyday. It is the foundation I have been looking for, fresh and light but buildable, leaves a beautiful glow & has a natural mineral SPF in it. Meaning I no longer have to put my sticky & heavy white zinc based SPF on every morning 20 minutes before I apply make up.

It’s honestly the perfect addition to your make-up bag, especially if you like a no fuss fresh and glowing look that is super easy and fast to apply. It comes with the silicone applicator but I prefer to just use a brush or even my hands as the heat helps blend it perfectly. It’s water based and almost feels a little wet on the skin when applied so it’s not like other stick foundations, which can need a little work to blend.

I’ve recently been trying to move onto as many clean (as possible) products that I can, and so being able to substitute my foundation for one that is clean and that I also love, is amazing.

Overall, I love this product and will definitely be repurchasing, especially in a slighter darker share for the summer season because I honestly think this is my ultimate summer foundation.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? I hope you’re having a great week – speak tomorrow!

L xx