Capsule Wardrobe: Summer Edition

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My capsule wardrobe posts are always popular and I get asked so many questions about how to build one that I thought it may be useful for you if I done a summer capsule.

Recently i’ve been talking a lot about versatility and buying great basics because they are so easy to pair with each other and this is where the capsule wardrobe aspect comes in. I prefer to invest in those pieces that will last and can be worn over and over (you will see that on my blog and instagram feed) because it really isn’t viable for us or for the planet to constantly buying fast fashion.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to add in little bits here and there but my day to day wardrobe I try to make up of great pieces that work well together. In the summer I like to add in some more dresses, denim shorts, well made swimwear that can is a classic, timeless wedges and sandals that you can bring out each year like my Hermes Oran sandals and Chloe Wedges.

As my diet has changed over the past few years I have really started to change and adapt my lifestyle and attitude. I think a lot more about sustainability now after I read about the damage fast fashion is doing to the environment. This year I decided I wanted to be more sustainable because I take so many steps in other aspects of my life, why couldn’t I do this also?

I’m not talking about buying from sustainable brands, as I still shop from the high street stores that I love. I just limited it and focus on how things can be reworn when I shop. Sustainability is also about buying pre-loved and reselling. I’ve been looking at a particular classic bag that I want to buy myself this year and instead of buying it brand new, i’ve been looking to see if I can find a good condition pre-loved version of it.

That’s the thing, it’s all about taking small steps. Even if you are looking at high street pieces, why not look to buy them pre-loved, Micolet are an online store that have new season pieces that are up to 90% off. – a win win i’d say!

I’ve included an example of a capsule wardrobe above and the kind of pieces I add into my wardrobe to change things up for the summer.

I hope you enjoy this kind of post, and I will be back tomorrow with Wedding Wednesdays – talking all about Venues!

Speak soon,

L xx