Wedding Wednesdays – Skincare Edit

To start off the first of my skincare posts I wanted to share some of the things and routines i’ve been doing along with my favourite products and as the weeks go on I will get more in depth and share more of my routine.

Currently my skin is good, except for hormone breakouts, which I get on my chin, especially when i’m stressed. Other than that it’s probably the best it’s been in a long time, and I put this down to eating plant based, juicing (taking in all the nutrients) and drinking 2 litres of water a day. I think also no dairy and gluten free 99% off the time has been huge for my skin. I’ve been doing this for around 16 months now and recently when I looked at older pictures I can’t even begin to tell you how much a difference diet and lifestyle changes have made to my skin, so if I was going to start anywhere it would be diet and health. Your skin rebuilds itself every 28 days and for it to be clear and glowing, you have to nourish your body – especially your gut, if you have an imbalance in your gut it will be a major contributor to breakouts and lacklustre skin.

The next steps I have been taking to get my skin to be the best that it can be is facial massage and facial yoga. My main skin issue is the lack of volume I lost due to extreme weight loss so I have been working hard on strengthening the muscles and getting the blood flowing to my skin morning and night. I also love facials for this because it’s basically an hour of facial massage, i’m lucky if I manage 15 minutes myself.

I recently had an amazing facial at the La Mer beauty room in House of Frasers and it’s the perfect treat for any bride to be or to be done every 6 weeks on the run up to your wedding. The 60 minute Facial cost £100 but is redeemable on products, you get a skin consultation and 3 samples to try afterwards. They want to take you on a custom skincare journey and honestly it is the ultimate luxury to be added to you wedding skincare prep. I had the most relaxing time and even though I already love and use the products, it’s a great way to test them out and add some of their incredible and timeless products into your routine.

I have linked below some of my favourite products that I am loving for my skin currently and will continue to use throughout the next 4 months. These products I have tried and tested and they have become staples on my beauty shelf.

I hope you are enjoying these wedding posts – lots more to come including haircare and body skincare.

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Have a great day,

L xx