Good morning & happy Saturday! Welcome to my new weekly newsletter – a style and shopping guide where I research the best new season picks, affordable essentials and those fundamental wardrobe building blocks to help you perfect your wardrobe in a capsule collection of timeless and classic pieces.

Week by week I will be looking at different wardrobe foundations and pulling together the best pieces along with the most affordable, yet still great, versions as well. The newsletter will also be your weekly go to for shopping new in, as well as Holiday/swimwear edits and beauty favourites as we move fully into the Spring Summer season. I hope you enjoy reading my newsletter as much as I have enjoyed curating it! Please do leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below, especially if you have a specific piece you would like me to research and focus on, I can definitely do that. I’ve been wanting to start a weekly series for a while now and was unsure what to do. I want my blog to provide value for you all, and I get so many style or shopping related questions in my DMs and emails, so I hope this works in a way to answer them and that you enjoy it also! Thank you so much for the continued support, and have a lovely weekend hope to see you back next Saturday! L x

This week we are starting with the best denim, these are my tried and tested absolute favourites on the market – I know you will love them!

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