Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

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For this year I wanted to make my content more informative and inspiring, so I thought this would be the best place to start as I often get asked about how to create a capsule wardrobe and what staples to buy & invest in.

I will start with 10 main pieces that I wear everyday and find easy to work into outfits for each season. If you start with these 10, then you can add in other pieces for work and occasions as you need them. The best way for me is to focus on the classics and always play around with accessories when I want to change things up, hence why I invest in them as they often make my outfits.

Although I try hard to be a minimalist i’m actually much more of a maximalist, so these basics help me to build a rail of classics wardrobe staples, which I can always add to for different seasons and events, when needed.


  1. Denim – Good denim that is timeless & will last forever is so important. Denim is such a staple in my wardrobe and makes up the base of so many looks. Think Levi 501s, black skinnies, maybe some mom jeans and then a white pair to mix up looks in Summer.
  2. A Black blazer – A good classic fit black blazer that can take you from day to night and work through different seasons for a number of occasions is important. The key is to always choose pieces are are versatile and work in a number of ways. 
  3. White t’shirts/white shirt – and maybe white blouses If your wardrobe is more workwear based. These are staples that absolutely need. 
  4. A Biker jacket – An essential that works in so many ways and works so easily with all the denim pieces and white shirts or Tees. 
  5. Camel (or Grey) smart Coat – I think it’s best to invest in one that will last forever and see you through the winters. Camel or grey work best with my colour palette but I also like navy and a dark khaki green. 
  6. A Classic tote – Whether for work or travel it’s a wardrobe essential that will come in super handy day to day and at the weekend. I use my Everlane Day Market tote consistently, its perfect and affordable for the great quality.
  7. A simple pair of white trainers or black boots – These will be the staples you need to mix & match and then you can add more high street and investment shoes in. As shoes can make such a statement I try to only have a few classic pairs and then make a statement with my other shoes. 
  8. A Chunky knit – Self explanatory when living in a colder climate, but also great to layer and wear in summer to with denim shorts. 
  9. A Good hat – I’m sure you are all aware how much I love my hats! No only do they add more depth & interest to looks but also make me look taller – so an essential in my eyes. 
  10. The white summer dress – One of my favourites! I am never not in my white summer dresses. Perfect for any occasion as you can always dress up with heels/sandals and other accessories or you can layer a chunky knit over and wear it with boots and a biker jacket.

Really, the running theme is versatility! Everyones will be different due to you daily life and what you need to wear daily. If you wear a uniform to work then you can have more casual or occasion pieces than someone who needs to be formal everyday. It’s all about fitting your lifestyle and making dressing in the morning as easy as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this type of post and please do let me know in the comments if you would like to see more similar posts.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

L xx