7 tips for staying organised when you have a busy life

In my life recently I was finding myself getting overwhelmed often. I suppose working at my day job, doing the blog full time, planning a wedding and working on personal goals like my health can be a little much at times. I am finding if I don’t use every minute that I have as efficiently I can feel like I’m drowning. I wanted to share some tips and actions I have put into place the past few weeks that have been helping me greatly incase you are in a similar season in your life and it can help you at all.

  1. Simplify – It may seem like something you already know, but really clearing out and simplifying your life has helped me so much recently. Making sure everything in your life and house has a home. Simplify your goals, what it is you really want, write it down and then work towards that. Simplify your clothing to make it easier each day when getting ready. If you have anything toxic in your life that is bringing you down, get rid of it. Just lifting those weights off your shoulders will make a huge difference from the outset.
  2. Preparation – This brings me on to point number 2, prep as much as you can. I like to spend my Sunday prepping all my shoots, posts, outfits, food, everything I need for the week is prepared before it starts. I have started to prep my outfits for the week, steam them and leave them in looks on my rail so that I can just easily lift them in the morning. That 15 -30 minutes I would have spent doing that before is now so useful to me, which brings me on to point number 3…
  3. Time blocking – I don’t know why I haven’t done this before. I am so much more productive when I am doing everything in blocks. I spend certain days doing similar tasks and free up so much time doing so. Also I use those spare minutes like I have in the morning as I have already prepped my food & clothes so at 7am I am fully ready and sitting at my desk and I can get an hour and a half of work done for the blog before I need to leave for my day job. That extra time is crucial to me as I can get out more content and feel ahead of the day before most people have started.
  4. Fridge organisation – If something is fresh, clean and easy to look at it becomes easier to deal with. When I’m working in the office during the week I need to prep everything beforehand, like make my green juice, lunch and snacks for the day as it’s difficult due to my food restrictions. When I know everything I have and can clearly see it, it becomes way easier to prep. I also bought bento boxes for work and they have been a game changer as it keeps everything together and makes it all round easier to handle/carry around with me.
  5. Do it now – If the kitchen needs cleaned after cooking, do it straight away. There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day to a messy house. Those small things that are manageable, do them straight away rather than waiting for them to mount up.
  6. Make your to do list the night before – I know 90% of you will make a to do list but I used to make mine in the morning. Now I make it the night before so I can just get up and know what i’m doing that day. I have a better focus and feel like I can achieve everything, rather than feeling overwhelmed.
  7. Routine is Key – a morning and night-time routine has been so important to me being able to stay organised. I am someone who loves and needs routine to stay focused, but honestly if you have a set routine that you do morning and night, you will begin to do it automatically and always be on top of things. 

I have included some of my favourite things that I am using to stay organised & keep on top of things this year in the collage above, just click on the items above to shop them. 

Happy Monday & have a wonderful new week!

Speak soon,

L xx