5 Things I’m Doing To Start The New Year Productively & Ensure I Reach my Goals

As we dive fully in to the first working week of 2019 I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for this year, and all the different measures I’m putting in place to achieve them. I mentioned one of them on my Instagram stories and ended up chatting with a few of you about it, which made me want to pull them together incase it helps or inspires anyone.


I know, this seems obvious but so many people don’t do it. I’ve been reading more about the Law of Attraction the past few years and it’s said that if you write your goals down you’re 42% more likely to achieve them. Normally, I would set monthly manageable goals in my planner and work towards them but this year I decided to do a Vision Board with all my goals and affirmations so I can see/read it everyday at my desk and visualise them. Probably one of the best things i’ve done as you can make it such a creative process, I so enjoyed making mine as well as loving the outcome. Now when I sit at my desk to work I have this constant reminder in front of me. Try it, you won’t regret it.


I started meditating every morning last year to help reduce stress and put myself in the right mindset for the day. It has been life changing and I would recommend it to anyone. This year I wanted to start taking some more time throughout the day to regain focus and not allow myself to get stressed and therefore be more productive. Sometimes those moments to just sit and breathe are very needed.


Starting each day well is so important to your productivity throughout the day. I love my morning routine, it sets me up for the day and I get up early so I can fit in things that make me happy, like meditation, yoga, doing my skincare and making my morning juices. If you start the day stressed, you will carry that throughout the day. This year I want to focus on sleeping longer, going to bed earlier so I can really enjoy my mornings and be fully rested so I don’t crash during the day.


I spoke about applying the KonMari method when organising my wardrobe on my stories and how it has truly been life changing. Giving everything in my home its own home and storing it properly makes all the difference when you have a busy life.
You choose the items that ‘give you joy’ and let the others go. When everything is organised and minimised, I feel 10x more productive. I also started to pull together my outfits for the week for work and shooting and steaming them before hanging them in separate looks on my rail – such a time saver. It’s all about preparation right?


The most important step to ensuring I start the year off well and do everything I can to reach my goals has been changing my mindset to be the most grateful and positive that I can be. To achieve anything you must believe that it’s possible.
Start fresh, 2018 and everything you done or didn’t do is in the past, Don’t feel bad, just start again. I always buy all new stationary, notebooks and a planner to start the year in the best possible mindset that I can. This helps me with productivity because it’s a new focus. I can enjoy the memories and achievements from last year but focus on visualising what this year will bring.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any tips that you do please let me know in the comments or send me an email.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

L x