Haircare: Current Routine & Changes in 1 Year

Last week I posted this image below & so many of you sent me DM’s or comments about my hair. As it’s something I often get asked about I thought I would pull together a quick round up of all the things/rituals i’ve done since last December that have promoted the growth.

December 2017 is when I decided I would change my diet to plant based, which I have spoken about before, so I won’t go into that too much but it has been one of the biggest changes that have helped with the growth and health of my hair. As some of you will know, I was in recovery after 2 years with an eating disorder, which stopped me eating pretty much at all and although throughout 2016/2017 I had done therapy and started to get better I was still in no way taking in the nutrients I needed and in that the case the first things to stop getting what they need is your hair, nails etc. So i will briefly mention what I done to help in the points below.

  • I made a  pretty drastic change and started juicing vegetables every single day to up my nutrient intake to around 15-20 portions of fruit and veg a day as well as drinking 2-3 litres of water and adding in supplements. This has been the one thing that has rapidly changed the state of my hair, skin and nails. My hair has grown so much and the condition improved drastically, my nails grow super quickly now and my skin is completely clear and soft all over my body. I cannot stress enough how drinking water and eating well has helped my hair, and in such a quick space of time. If you look at the images below, the first one was in December 2017, and the next two were in April 2018 – a big difference in 4 months, and then if you compared to the image above taken just under a year later, the growth and condition has improved so much
  • Of course I also had to take good care of my hair to aid this process. I started doing coconut oil masks every few weeks, where I would put the coconut oil all over my head and massage into my scalp. I also often added in vitamin E essential oil on the ends of my hair, however if you are going to do either of these, you may need to wash your hair a few times to get the ‘greasy’ feel out.
  • Another, slightly obvious, thing I started to do was not wash my hair everyday and not put heat on it. When I work from home I would let it dry naturally and then put it in a bun, rather than curling my hair everyday. This has helped the condition massively, especially the ends.
  • One of my favourite tips for the ends of my hair, that has also made a big difference, has been using the Gisou honey infused hair oil on the ends of my hair overnight, before I wash my hair in the morning. Within a month of using this I seen such a change, my hair looks great and also feels soft and silky.
  • I try my best to stick to natural products on my hair, hence the coconut oil masks, and so I love all of the IGK products for when I am curling my hair for events or shoots, I know i’m not putting toxic products straight onto my scalp. I also recently received the Maria Nila head and hair heal masque from Sally Beauty, which I have used a number of times and love it, because its a change to coconut oil, leaves my hair super soft and in great condition, but also it’s all natural and cruelty free.
  • Finally, this year I have only had my hair highlighted once. Around 7 years ago I decided to dye my natural white blonde hair dark brown and because my roots constantly looked white, I was having it dyed brown every 3 weeks or so. Then in 2014 when I stripped the colour and went back to blonde it was a bit of a transition, and I decided to cut my hair into a long bob to help. I felt like my hair had been through enough and because my hair is light enough that I could leave it for a while without highlighting. If i’m honest I wouldn’t highlight my hair any more than 3 times in a year anyway, but I still feel that the break has been good for my hair’s condition.

I believe it’s been a combination of all of these things that have helped my hair grow so fast and improved the condition at the same time. Hair care has become such a part of my routine, just like my skincare, where I do my different rituals like my hair masks and oil scalp massages, to ensure that I am taking proper care of it as well as giving it the nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. I have left a collage of my favourite products below, if you want to shop them, simply click on them to do so. Also I apologise for the delay on this post, I was trying to shoot these products myself for this post to make it more interesting, but the light the past few days has been awful, so I gave up on that and made the collage instead!

I hope this was helpful, and has answered all of your questions, if not please leave a comment below or email me!

Have a wonderful Sunday & new week ahead,

L x