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I am super excited to share these images that I shot for the ROX jewellery Autumn Winter Magazine that launched last week. I’m only sharing a few of my favourites on here but you can see more of the images on the ROX instagram @roxjewellery or head in store to pick up a Magazine.

I often get asked about jewellery, about stacking and layering pieces and how to work it in to your everyday looks. I found my love of stacking and layering years ago, Olivia Palermo was my style icon when I was younger and I used to wear costume jewellery rings on almost every finger to school to make my uniform not so boring/like everyone else’s. Ever since then I have felt bare without them. I think because my style is often so minimal and classic that I use jewellery to give my looks an edge. Usually I’d say less is more but with jewellery more is always more, yet the trick to not looking over the top – layering.

Layering is key and I always I stick to these 3 rules:

  1. Neck,arms or hands – choose one. I always choose to go heavy on one, maybe two and no more. If you are going to do lots of rings and bracelets then leave the necklaces out or go for something simple and delicate. You want to look chic, not overdone.
  2. Stacking – Mostly I will either choose to stack lots of smaller pieces or choose a few chunkier pieces. For example with rings I will stack lots of delicate rings together even stacking two thin bands on one finger and maybe add in a chunkier ring. If I am going to go for larger rings then I stick with maybe 4 or 5 across both my hands.
  3. Mixing metals – I like everything to be wearable, I want my style to look lived in but also be interesting and have depth. I find by mixing metals this gives off a less ‘matchy matchy’ look and is more relaxed, easy and wearable. I also love to add in colour, like a coloured diamond or even a pop of colour on your nails to break it up and add a little more interest.

ROX are a brand that I love to wear and work with for a number of reasons, but mostly for quality, style and service. The product is great quality for the price point and it wears extremely well, none of my ROX pieces have ever snapped or broken or even looks worn. The style is always evolving with new collaborations and collections that are chic and delicate but with the right amount of edge. Finally the service is second to none, from personal experience with my engagement ring to the number of times i’ve been in store, the service is always incredible, no matter the price of the piece your buying. Plus they have beautiful packaging and that is always important to me, you know how I feel about details.

When styling the pieces I wanted it to be as true to my style as possible. I wanted to wear the pieces that I would buy and wear everyday, which is why I choose the ROX collection pieces. They are beautiful pieces of style and quality that are easily layered and wearable for everyday, and also affordable. I pulled 6 staple Autumn Winter looks that I know I will wear throughout the next few months and paired the pieces with each. For a simple look of a leather skirt, knit and boots combo I went heavy on the hands and arms and left my neck bare. This pulls the look together and also means necklaces aren’t getting lost in a high neck knit. For my simple jeans and white shirt combo, I wanted to layer the necklaces as it gives depth to the look and makes a v-neck less boring. One of my favourite things to do was actually layering the delicate diamond bands with my engagement ring. It completely emphasises and elevates the beautiful yellow diamond and was such a showstopper for a simple outfit.

Overall, I wanted to show how easy it is to layer jewellery and add it to everyday simple looks, and mostly how it can bring your outfit to another level. Dressing in the winter can be tricky so using jewellery is the perfect way to get excited about winter dressing again.

I absolutely loved working with ROX on the magazine shoot, I mean who wouldn’t love playing with all the beautiful jewellery? So excited for you all to see it also, you can pick one up in store now or find it online at Let me know what you think of it in the comments below or send me a message on instagram @lucyflorals.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and wish you a great new week.

L x



This Post was created as part of a collaboration with ROX Jewellery.