The past 9 months I have spent countless hours researching, trying and reviewing new products. Since changing my diet and lifestyle I have been on a mission to go as natural as possible with my products so that I know that what I’m putting on my skin (and possibly seeping in to my bloodstream) is non toxic. I’ve found many new brands that I love and talk about often on here, and my instagram, so I wanted to share some of this months ‘Hero Products’ as they are some of my personal favourites.


Firstly, hair. To give you a little background, after 2 years of getting barely any food/nutrition at all my hair was limp, dry, short and just in the worst condition possible. It wasn’t growing and was a nightmare to style. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with it, I have naturally light blonde hair, so I only have it highlighted maximum twice a year, so I knew this wasn’t the problem, but what was it?
When I started eating better and drinking 3 litres of water a day it started to grow quickly and was getting thicker, it was insane and looking much better each day. The ends, however, were still in bad condition, and you could see it in my photos. I started to do different masks with coconut oil & putting vitamin E on the ends, which did work but it made my hair feel greasy for days.
In July I tried Gisou for the first time, firstly as a styling oil on the ends of my hair after I curled it to make them look glossier for my images. It worked and I loved the product for this alone. It wasn’t until I started using the Gisou Hair Oil as a hair mask for my ends that this became one of my hero products. Twice a week I put it on the ends of my hair overnight and when I wash it in the morning I cannot even begin to tell you how insane my hair looks and feels – it’s like silk. Two months now and this hair oil has made the biggest difference, I have never had so many people comment on how good my hair looks!



For body, if you read my blog then you will already know that I LOVE coconut oil as a moisturiser. I’ve been using it for almost a year and it’s just incredible. I put it on every day when I come out of the shower and it leaves my skin so soft. I love the look of silky oiled legs, and especially when shooting my images as I think it gives off a more editorial feel. I was using coconut oil or my favourite Jo Malone Body Oil, but it was slightly greasy, and getting on my clothes/car. I received the Weleda Skin food as a sample from the Blow Bridal event and when I tried it on my hand I instantly knew I would love it. My hand was glowing and the skin was dewy, even nicer than the finish the oil leaves – and the best part – minus the greasy feel. I bought myself the full size (It’s only £12!!) and I haven’t looked back since.



I’ve found a number of great Face products this summer, and i’m not sure if this one if the best, but it certainly makes me feel my best. My skincare at night is a ritual for me after a busy day, it’s my down time and I always make sure I take the time to do it and make myself feel good. After I had the facial with La Mer and they used the cool gel moisturiser on me I knew I had to have it. My skin felt lighter, fresher and it was just so luxurious. I look forward to putting this on everyday, and I feel comfortable just wearing it and going make up free, which is a first for me. It really hydrates the skin and leaves such a fresh dewy glow, plus anything that helps me feel confident not wearing make up is 100% worth it to me.



I have become a bit of a lip balm obsessive lately. I was doing a lot of cinnamon scrubs and exfoliating and I actually think it was doing more harm than good. I started carrying a balm everywhere with me and applying consistently throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated and as plump as possible. I have a number that I love and use daily but I find myself always reaching for my Lanolips. I love how crazy hydrating it is, and that it has 101 uses, so it’s the perfect product to carry around in your bag, but also because it leaves a lovely glossy finish, which has me ditching lipstick and just wearing a balm. Win win huh?



Finally, nails. Similar to my hair, my nails were in terrible condition, short and paper thin, they just wouldn’t ever grow. This year I started putting vitamin E oil on them daily, as well as my diet and lifestyle changes, which have helped a lot. However, because I have them done often for when i’m doing projects and shoots, I know that taking care of them is vital. I visited Margaret Dabbs in Glasgow for a medical pedicure & manicure in July and not only was the treatment incredible but they gave me some of their products to try. This nail and cuticle serum is a clear winner, i’ve been putting it on daily and really notice the difference in my strength and thickness of my nails. An amazing natural product made with incredible ingredients, it’s worth popping by the store to try out any of the treatments to see if you like the products, plus they sell them there too.


I hope you found this useful and as always if you have any hero products you think I would love please let me know in the comments or on instagram!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week,

L xx