Transitional Textures: How to dress for changing seasons

I hate that summer is pretty much over and how bad the weather has been lately but for my job, i’m actually kind of happy about it. I’ve been shooting summer looks since April now and I was beginning to run out of different options to show you guys. So as much as I hate that the weather is changing, at least I can now start to shoot transitional looks for the blog.

I always get a wave of inspiration around this time, I start to get excited about layering again, knitwear, and playing with textures in my looks. I think when you work in a creative industry, the change is always needed. However I know most places will still be pretty warm in August & September, so I thought i’d pull together my top tips for transitional dressing and how you can mix Autumn pieces with summer to get the ultimate “sweater weather” style. As well as how you can start to build your Autumn Winter wardrobe one piece at a time starting now.



  1. Mixing textures. As I mentioned above, mixing textures is one of my favourite ways to start playing around with AW looks. Texture adds so much depth to a look and can transform it instantly. Above I mixed the knit halter top with a suede biker to create an interesting autumnal feel but still keeping it wearable for sunshine and 17 degrees by wearing white denim and sandals. Think, a white or light grey mohair knit with white denims or even a knit and then a leather over a white summery dress, then add a biker boot – can you see it?
  2. That brings me on to my next point – Keep wearing white! I love mixing white with beige, camel and stone tones to create a beautiful and classic look. Especially if you go for white knitwear, it will keep the look fresh and when worn with a leather skirt, or denim shorts it still has that late summer feel.
  3. Sandals with jeans. Another one to keep you cool and still hanging on to that easy summer style. Jeans with sandals and then a t-shirt with a light jacket or even leather biker on top makes for the perfect September style.
  4. Knitwear with skirts/shorts – my favourite! I was first introduced to sweater weather style when I started reading Sea of shoes all those years ago. Jane lives in Texas and I remember her doing shoot with shorts and knitwear in November and falling in love with that cosy yet still weather appropriate vibe. I certainly won’t be wearing that in November but it’s perfect for August in Glasgow as our temperatures rapidly drop and the rain sweeps back in.
  5. Finally, it’s all about the tones! If you look at what I am wearing above, mixing tan with stone and then white, it gives off the warmer tones illusion and automatically seems more cosy and autumnal. However, it’s still perfect for summer, essentially all I have done is wear more tones than white, but the mix balances everything out and makes it that little bit warmer. One final tip would be to keep the black accessories at bay, if you are wearing heavier materials it can become too much too soon. I love to play around with tan and brown tones, like the ones above.

I hope you liked the tips and will have found them helpful in some way. Please let me know if you like these kinds of posts, when I done the Princes Square event in July lots of people DM’d me about my wardrobe and curating specific styles, so let me know if you would like a full post on this for the new season.

I hope you had an amazing and relaxing Sunday and wish you all a wonderful new week.

Speak soon, 

L x


Mango Suede Biker 

Mango knit halter 

Everlane White denims

Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch (stolen from my brother) worn as a clutch

Hermes Oran Sandals