Morning Routine: Beauty & Wellness

Recently I have been thinking about the content that I love and how it changes so frequently, currently I am so obsessed with beauty, health and wellness – probably because i’m getting married next year. So I have spent the past few weeks perfecting my routine for this transitional period of summer into autumn. I get lots of messages on instagram whenever I share my favourite products so I thought it was the perfect time to share my morning routine with you.

I am 100% a morning person, I live for my mornings. It’s when I feel most productive and creative. Whilst I was at Uni studying for my final exams I would get up at 6am to start studying because it seems to be when I function best. I suppose i’ve always had a strong morning routine, even throughout most of Uni I would get up and go for a run, come home have a black coffee, shower and start my day.

Currently I’m focusing on being more relaxed and starting the day off well. I set my alarm for 6am, sometimes I wake up before, or sometimes a little later. I usually check my phone, and then get up and start making my morning warm lemon water – hot water mixed with some cold and squeeze in half a lemon. It helps to kick start digestion and it boosts your immune system. Normally I will sit on the couch or at my desk whilst I drink it, just to ease myself in to the day.

From the start of this year I have made a point of taking 15 minutes (or more) every morning to do some exercise or meditation. I love to run but I was trying to take a break form it and focus more on yoga, pilates or just sitting on my matt breathing for that time. This has made the biggest difference, I feel that I start the day relaxed and happy and not in a chaotic state.

Another thing I started at the beginning of this year was listening to mindfulness meditation music when having a bath. More recently I started listening to it whilst in the shower in the morning and I cannot even explain how relaxing it is and again how it changes your outlook on the day ahead.

Ok, now down to the good stuff – beauty. My morning routine is very relaxed, I cleanse my face at night, and that’s usually when I do any masks or exfoliation. When I get out of the shower, I always put coconut oil all over my body, it has been a skin game changer for me and recently so many people have commented on how soft my skin is. I also love the Jo Malone lime basil and mandarin body oil, especially if i’m shooting or have an event that day, it leaves such a beautiful glow on your skin.

Next I spray the Caudalie beauty elixir spray all over my face, it just gives the perfect morning refresh and preps my skin for what comes next. Another recent addition is the new Dramatically different hydrating jelly from Clinique and I am LOVING it! It adds so much hydration and its super lightweight so perfect for under my moisturiser. I’m using Embryolisse currently and again it’s a game changer, super hydrating, I can feel an almost instant difference in my skin. Final step is SPF, the Avene mineral SPF 50 and lip balm, currently I am loving the Glossier balm dot com and now i’m pretty much good to start my make up!

Oh one more thing, I always always put hand cream on in the morning and my current favourite is of course the Chanel Creme Main – because who doesn’t love a little luxury before 7am?

It usually depends on what i’m doing that day but mostly I will make either a green juice or green smoothie, and either have it at my desk or take it out with me if i’m going to my day job. If I take the juice to go then I always have a fruit bowl for some density as the juices are basically just extra nutrients and don’t particularly fill you up but I do love starting my day filling myself with lots of good nutrients, I feel so much more energetic.

I find that starting my mornings this way genuinely helps to keep me calm throughout the day, which in turn makes me more productive. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, and if you would like more posts similar or an in depth nighttime beauty routine, please let me know!

Have a wonderful week and speak soon, 


L xx