Little Black One Piece

… & an oversized hat – of course! What else would you except from me, being the hat fanatic that I am. Although I did swap out this wool fedora for a straw one because it was 35 degrees at 9am on Clearwater that day. I mean I love to be warm (have even been known to wear coats in Florida often because I hate air con) but even this was a little too much for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to jump on here quickly and post this swimwear edit as the H&M one piece was one of the best purchases I made for our trip. It’s the most flattering shape and so similar to other more expensive versions. It’s £17 here in the UK and $24 in the US, so I would say it’s a definite must have. That’s really all I wanted to share just now but I promise to be back soon with a full Florida/engagement update.

On that note actually, today I’ve been making a new content plan for the blog and I wondered what kind of content you really want to see on here. Do you want me to do more lifestyle, health, beauty, wellness or even wedding posts or should I just stick to my regular fashion and style posts? I want to make it in to a more diverse space so please tweet me or send me a DM on instagram with any suggestions you may have.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer and had a wonderful start to the week.

L xx


H&M One Piece

Lack of Colour Hat