Summer Skin & lifestyle update

I’ve been meaning to share some of my favourite recent additions to my skincare routine for some time. This is obviously not my full skincare routine as I have spoken about that a number of times but just some added extras for summer to make sure my skin is smooth and glowing as well as some natural remedies that I have added this year, which have changed the game for me personally. I’m going to delve a bit deeper for this post but bear with me, there is a reason for it!

Anyway, it’s kind of a long story but around a year ago I became fixated on this idea that something was wrong with my face, I wasn’t sure what but it didn’t look the same as before. I suppose it didn’t really occur to me that I had eaten almost nothing since 2015 and that losing so much weight would affect my face. I had gotten it in my head that my nose was the problem and in November I went to see Dr Nestor in Edinburgh in the hope of having a non surgical nose job.

I cannot recommend Dr Nestor enough, he was so professional and polite but brutally honest at the same time and told me that my nose wasn’t the issue and instead a lack of volume in my face, asking me if I did a lot of athletics. I’m sure you have all heard of runners face? It clicked then and I understood why I had these dark circles and the skin under my eyes so non-existent that my make up would slide off instantly and I looked tired even though I felt energetic. We discussed fillers under the eyes to help fix this but at 25 he told me to go home and really think about it.

Although I have nothing agains’t fillers or any procedure similar, I decided that for now, it wasn’t for me and that’s when everything changed. On the 12th of December I randomly came across a video that pushed me in to changing my diet to organic plant-based. I started almost instantly, which I suppose was an easier switch for me due to being vegetarian since I was 15, but since then I have continuously researched and tried to cut as many toxins from my life as possible, which finally brings us to the change in my skin. Out of everything I believe that diet and drinking 3 litres of water a day has changed my skin drastically.

I started juicing daily to get as many nutrients as possible for my skin to rebuild itself, taking probiotics and supplements like spirulina. Within a few months my complexion had completely changed, my skin no longer looked dull, my hair and nails started to grow rapidly too.

One of my hero natural products to aid all of this has been vitamin E essential oil  for my hair and nails & coconut oil, which I put it all over my body after I come out the shower, I use it on my hair as a mask and more recently started using the coconut oil as a cleanser after a number of people recommended it to me.

Now don’t get me wrong, not everything in my skincare routine is natural but I have tried my best to add in as many natural products as possible. The Aster & Bay spirulina and matcha mask is one of my favourites for giving that nutrient boost on the outside as well as the inside.

Another key product has been adding an SPF 50 to my daily skincare. I put this Kiehls one on every morning and I love it because it’s extremely lightweight. After attending an event with the founder of Oskia at Gleneagles recently I learned more about mineral sunscreens and have bought one to try whilst in Florida.

I’ve also found that facial massage has been amazing for plumping up my skin and try to do it for 10 minutes per day with my facial oil that the amazing Jo at 33 Dowanhill made specifically for my skin. As well as have more regular facials. By doing all of this I have naturally been able to plump up my skin and although it still isn’t the same volume as before, my skin finally has that healthy glow again.

A more recent game changer has been sleeping with a silk pillowcase. I got the Slip one for my birthday and have been using it since. It’s honestly amazing and I don’t think I could ever sleep without one now. I often had trouble sleeping and would wake up very early, this has changed everything, I wake up refreshed with soft skin and no bed head and actually find that I generally sleep better also, which is amazing.

Talking of hair, and getting those perfect beach summer waves, it’s no secret that I love Ouai products and would recommend the wave spray for anyone who loves that style. My most recent favourite however is the rose hair oil, I am addicted to using this as it smells incredible and just smooth’s out my hair and leaves it so silky without it looking greasy, which I found other oils would do on my light hair. I also love the texture spray and the dry shampoo!

A particular summer scent is a must for me, I try to stick to one new scent so that when I smell it afterwards it always reminds me of a certain summer memory or place. As soon as I smelt this Jo Malone fragrance at a launch at the start of May, I knew it was the one. So light and refreshing that it’s easy to wear but a distinctive summery smell, plus the packaging is just perfect – as always!

Finally, a hero product for the past 6 months to get the perfect summer glow has been using the Tan Luxe drops. I love both the body and the face but also love the butter and the mouse. The products are so easy to apply and just give you a natural glow rather than a cake looking tan. Also they smell incredible! I know I have spoken about the products a number of times but they really are great and I realise this as I continue to try new and different products in the range. My ultimate UK summer essential!

I apologise if this post has been a bit long and I have rambled on but I wanted to share this as so many people have been commenting on my skin and hair recently and asking about products that I use. Plus I also just find it amazing what diet can do to your skin, it’s crazy!

I hope you enjoyed and if you want me to do more similar posts please let me know in the comments or DM me on instagram @lucyflorals.

Have an amazing week,


L xx