Hi! And happy Monday to you all! I am finally back to posting and have a month worth of content to share, which I am so excited about. The past few weeks have been a little overwhelming because of how busy it has been but I am back in my schedule finally and have started to roll out all of my new content.

As the weather has been nice recently I thought I would start with this weekends easy look and I will be back on Thursday with a massive round up/catch up post to update you all on the past number of weeks.

Even though the weather wasn’t as warm as last weekend, it has still been pretty sunny and gorgeous for Glasgow standards. On Friday I knew I would be working most of the weekend so of course it inspired me to wear an easy (lazy) look and I loved it so much I decided to wear something similar to shoot over the weekend. The main reason I love summer so much is the easy relaxed vibe, light mornings, light nights, light clothing – everything is just easier. Less is more in every sense of the word and I love that. This is the kind of style I live in during the summer, relaxed denim, crisp white tanks and sneakers.

I’m glad I ordered these fresh white superga’s from Amazon because I’ve worn them loads since they arrived! I’ve been wearing superga’s since the Olsen twins made them big like 6 years ago but the difference a fresh white pair makes is amazing – plus the comfort levels – it really makes me want to wear them every single day.

Can you see the theme here? My spring summer style is all about that easy relaxed, little bit Australian, kind of LA look. So I have linked all of my favourite pieces to create this look below, along with my actual outfit details from above.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

L xx




Zara knit Tank 

Old Zara Jeans (Similar styles above and below)

Balenciaga Bag 

Superga Sneakers (Via Amazon)

Topshop Sunglasses