It’s been a while since i’ve posted a Street style post on the blog, and not because I don’t want to do them anymore, quite the opposite, just that with the weather and shooting projects I haven’t been happy with how any of them have turned out and so in turn I won’t post it. Last weekend, before the snow, it was the perfect light for shooting street style in the city and I was able to get some great quality movement shots that I love.

This got me thinking about how lately I’ve seen and heard a lot of people discussing the topic of street style and high quality images on instagram, how it is overdone or how it now has to be only “candid” iPhone images as those do the best on instagram in relation to the algorithm. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people may like more real images compared to curated ones, but with 700 Million users on instagram, surely we are free to do what we love? I mean especially in a creative industry, if you aren’t being yourself it could become extremely difficult.

Honestly I think that if you are only doing something to beat the algorithm then you’re doing it wrong. There is so much you can do to help push your posts, like engaging with the instagram “community” but to completely change to suit an algorithm and ultimately gain more likes, I don’t think it will last long term.

I love street style, always have, since 2006 when at 14 I started collecting Vogue, ok they were more editorial than now, but it was always the street shots that I loved, and when I went to Japan in 2008 and became so inspired and started researching Japanese street fashion. Due to all of this I have focused on pursuing my love of street photography since I started the blog and will continue that through instagram because it is genuinely what I love.

I love the movement, the realness but mostly the quality, which to me is so important. As I’ve said I have always been inspired by editorials and a way of showing how magical clothes are and that they really are wearable art.  I knew from the beginning that the style of my images would be high quality and highly edited, because again it’s what inspired me. Also when I look at the people who inspire me daily – Andy Csinger, Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes), Mary from Happily Grey or Erica Hoida (FashionedChic) although all different they do all have those similarities of quality imagery, street style, and all making clothes magical but wearable.

I suppose what is key here, is that everyone is different so you must do what inspires you and what you love otherwise I doubt there will be any longevity. If you love doing iphone shots that’s great, if you love doing a mix, that is also great but what isn’t great is when people think that you can only succeed on a platform by doing it a certain way. When did we all become so similar? Isn’t the point of doing all this to be yourself and do it in your own way? For me it’s street-style, for others it will be too, for some it’s flat lays or inspirational travel images, whatever it is for you, just do what you love, not what gets you more likes on a platform that will one day be gone.

Always stay true to yourself and do what makes you feel inspired everyday – whatever that may be – and for me, I will continue to post the images that I love regardless of the likes.

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