Recently I’ve been feeling very uninspired, something I often get when I’m ready for the seasons to change (already, I know!) Creating new content every day is difficult by any means, but with the current weather in Glasgow meaning there is little to no daylight it becomes so difficult to create high quality imagery. Due to this I have been so enjoying creating content for my instagram stories the past few weeks compared to my actual instagram feed.

I have been trying out new filters and editing styles on my stories that were representative of my mood and just how I was feeling in that moment. Mostly as I have learned that my instagram images do best when edited in that same grey style and tone I was searching for somewhere to be creative. I think ultimately what inspires me are the small things, I fall in love with the details and it’s those small details in day to day life like a new book on my coffee table or fresh flowers that inspire me.

At the same time of feeling all of the above, I was also feeling that I have been neglecting my blog and not putting the time and effort into the platform where I have most control. Then, I thought, why not put the two together and start a Weekly feature, where I can have a space to share what I love with you all and be as creative as I want, but not bombard my instagram feed with everything but fashion. I love my details features on my instagram, but it’s all fashion based, and funnily enough, it’s rarely other fashion that inspires what I wear.

Some of the images may have already been posted on stories but recently I done a poll and the results were that most people on Instagram don’t enjoy too many stories in one day. I also know that not everyone who reads my blog have the time to catch up on instagram stories within the 24 hours that they are live and so I thought this would be a nice way for me to share what’s inspiring me, what products i’m using, books i’m reading etc. that everyone can enjoy and easily come back and reference.

So, I hope you like my new weekly feature and also find it fun and somewhat inspiring, I know it’s mostly iPhone images currently but I have a few new camera’s on my list for this year so hoping to up the quality but in a less editorial way.

This weeks details are some of my favourites from the beginning of the New Year – Enjoy & Speak soon,

L xx

Back to work on the 2nd of Jan – tulips on my desk to remind me that spring is slowly but surely on it’s way!

               I finally managed to get my hands on the Adam Selman x Le Specs cat eye Sunglasses

                                      Coffee breaks at one of my favourite places in Glasgow 

                             Outfit details – Ft. Mini Gucci Dionysus & those incredible Dior Bracelets

                                     More Blooms to brighten up the awful weather we had last week!

                                           Jewellery details – typically worn every day this week … 

Currently obsessed with wearing leather trousers & a chunky white sneaker (anything similar to the Balenziaga Triple S)

                                                          Magazines and fresh tulips from the weekend


Planning for an amazing year with my diary & Hermes notebook. I added an old Anya Hindmarch sticker to make the 2018 diary more fun!

          After I decided to see if I could fit inside of this massive Louis Vuitton Carrier Bag – I could … 

And ending on my most favourite thing of the past few weeks. I know it’s from Christmas day but these boots make me feel amazing every single time I put them on so I couldn’t not include them! 


PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Le Specs x Adam Selman Sunglasses , H&M Blazer , Gucci Mini Dionysus , Hermes diary , Dior Bracelets, Louis Vuitton Star Trail Ankle Boots / Karl Lagerfeld Ring