Many people love the oversized look and others hate it. Personally I love it but I do think you have to have the right silhouette to pull it off. When it comes to Blazers, its no surprise that I wear them almost everyday, and have probably done so since 2009 when I fell in love with Zara Blazers and had a slight obsession with Olivia Palermo’s style in ‘The City’. I love to wear them in all ways, oversized, fitted, belted – you name it, i’ve done it, but for this particular one that i am wearing, I almost never bought it, thinking that it wouldn’t work in any of those ways but boy I am glad that I did!

It was on sale in H&M and I fell for it as soon as I saw it, but they didn’t have my size and when it comes to peak lapels I love and much prefer them on a fitted blazer. However, I’m irrational when it comes to shopping so I bought it anyway and I literally have not taken it off since! Given I have had to wear it a completely different way from I imagined but it’s so 80s when left open and the sleeves scrunched up – don’t you think? It just goes to show that if you really love something you can sometimes make it work and also that tailoring isn’t always as important as people claim it to be! Just know your body and what works for you.

What do you think? Are you more into a fitted style or oversized when it comes to Blazers & jackets? I’m so interested in fit at the moment so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Friday & I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

L xx


H&M Blazer

Nike Sneakers 

River Island Biker Trousers (Old But Similar here)

Gucci Extra Mini Dionysus

White T-shirt

Max Mara Sunglasses