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Someone recently asked me what I would like for Christmas, because they find me difficult to buy for. I suppose I had never considered this before and so it got me thinking as to what I really like and the little things I enjoy. Sometimes, because of my job being fashion based, I can often feel like i’m drowning in stuff – clothes, beauty products etc. So I thought about the small things that truly make me happy and I realised that some of my most favourite gifts are the personal ones. If something is personalised, a book that someone knows you will love, or even a pieces of jewellery that has a meaning to you both.

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite current pieces, as well as my favourite beauty and lifestyle gifts, because who doesn’t love a beautiful candle to burn or a luxurious lipstick or scent.

First things first, the packaging, it is a huge factor for me, if I am going to buy a small gift I want the packing to be luxe and this year Jo Malone have absolutely killed it with the Christmas packaging. A collab with British designer Jonathan Saunders, they have created a different and bold ‘Crazy colourful Christmas’ and I LOVE it. The soaps above are one of my favourite stocking filler ideas, and trust me they smell incredible.

In terms of Jewellery, I know that it is a very personal choice, but in my opinion you can’t go wrong with a personalised necklace or bracelet, and ROX do incredible versions, that I have had on my wish list since I viewed the collection in summer. Along with a new collaboration that they have done with Catherine Zoraida (see the zodiac inspired necklace above) You can gift something personal as it has their star sign engraved on one side. The pieces are beautiful and starting at £45 they are a great price point.

The Roxanne Assoulin bracelets are something a little different, and I know not to everyone’s taste, but I adore them and every time I see Leandra (Man Repeller) wear them, I love them a little more. So for anyone who is lost for what to get a true fashion girl, I think these would work!

If you have watched any of my more festive instagram stories, you will know that I constantly have candles burning, pretty much day and night. My favourite of all this season has to be Timeless Candles ‘Festive Berries’ – it is the ultimate Christmas scent. If you haven’t owned a candle from them before, let me tell you that not only is the scent beautiful but it will fill your home completely, leaving it smelling incredible.

Finally, one of the number one pieces on my wish list, is the personalised Chaos phone cover, featured above. I have seen them all over instagram for about a year now and spend so much time on the website looking at the different combinations. They are around £160, so definitely pricey, but the perfect splurge gift for someone or even yourself!

What are your go to pieces for gifts and do you prefer a personal personal touch? Let me know and send any other idea’s my way!

Have a wonderful weekend,

L x



ROX Jewellery 

Jo Malone Christmas Collection 

Timeless Candles “festive berries” 

Roxanne Aussolin Bracelets 

House of LBD (personalised gifts)