Finding the perfect sweater is never easy, especially on the high street, and I know I have already spoken of how H&M are producing amazing pieces lately, but I just have to reinforce it. This mohair blend camel sweater is incredible quality for £40. It fits like a glove with the oversized sleeve but comes in at the waist to give the perfect shape. I’m honestly so glad a high street store are doing well fitting knits, as last year I hated every single one in Zara and ended up having to buy one from Acne. I of course still adore my Acne one but you cannot wear the same knit constantly, especially for me when I am trying to inspire others with outfits that I put together.

Ok, enough, I promise not to step back into H&M for a while, or at least not mention it on here! Another recent purchase that I have loved are these £50 mango Velvet booties. They are so comfortable and literally go with everything! I wore them to London on Friday for what was a 20 hour day and they didn’t hurt me at all. On that trip I wore them with my adidas trousers and day to day I usually wear them with denim or leather. I wear my Balenciagas so much and they don’t really wear but I wanted something with a small block heel to give me height and lengthen my legs as I am slightly shorter.

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week and stay tuned to find out what I was up to in London last week!

L x


I’m Wearing: 

H&M Mohair blend knit

Levie Wedgie Fit Denims

Lack of Colour Australia Hat 

Mango Velvet Boots 

Gucci Blooms Dionysus