As we move into the colder months, those months, which can be particularly harsh on our skin, I always think it’s important to get a good daily skincare regime prepared and start doing it as soon as possible. It feels a little strange for me as I have some upcoming trips, including one to Florida in late November making me feel that i’m still holding on to Summer and in particular wanting to keep that summer glow but still have Autumnal touches, especially when i’m back home.

I’ve pulled together my current favourite products for the new season along with a few summer favourites as well. 


If you often read my beauty posts or watch my Instagram stories you will see I always try new products and I like them but often then go back to my old favourite products. This time, I have found and added a number of new brands and techniques into my day skincare.

Firstly, I never thought I would like Chanel skincare, I had heard so many people talking about it and how they loved it, but still I couldn’t justify the money for a product, which I didn’t feel came from a “skincare” brand. It wasn’t until my brother bought it for me as a gift that I started to use the Hydra Beauty Creme and I can honestly say I love it. I love how plump and hydrated it makes my skin feel, I haven’t had any bad break outs since using it and the smell, well it’s just amazing. It has become a staple in my daily skincare regime!

Next is a brand I have been using since around May this year. I have probably told you about how amazing my facial at Kiehls store in Glasgow was, they checked how hydrated my skin was and looked at the time it produces oil and then from there they recommended the products to help and control that. One of my favourite products has been the midnight recovery oil, and again, I know it’s another cult product but I can certainly see why! If you are like me and you love glowly and fresh skin, then this will quickly become your best friend.

A final and probably my most favourite skincare product that I have added to my regime, and one, which I think has had the biggest impact, is that I have started to mask everyday. I do 10-15 minutes every morning with the LuLuLun purple masks. The difference this has made to my skin is unbelievable and this japanese cult product is definitely worth the money. You can buy them online in a pack of 7 days or 42 days and I just put one on in the morning and it wakes my skin up perfectly, as well as leaving it perfect to apply my make up. I haven’t pictured the products above as they come in a large packet, which was already opened but I will leave a link here incase you are interested.



My beauty favourites often stay the same. I am still using my Armani Foundation, Nars concealer and everything else Tom Ford for that year round glow, but one product, which I hated at first has now become a must have.
I first applied the Charlotte Tilbury unisex healthy glow tinted moisturiser because I was curious as to how it could be unisex and work for different skin tones. Of course I applied too much, it was orange and I hated it. Then I seen others talking about it on Youtube and gave it another try, and this time applied a lot less and didn’t overwork it. With a little concealer under my eyes this tinted moisturiser has become my everyday go to because it honestly gives you such a beautiful glow. As I am so blonde I have to be careful with foundations, I think a matte look can be almost fake looking, so I am always on the hunt for those ‘no make up, make up’ products to give me the perfect complexion, and this is my current favourite.

This summer I started to really look after my skin on my body as much as the skin on my face. I always exfoliated in the shower and then moisturised but really it’s not enough. A few months ago I started dry body brushing and it has changed my skin completely! My legs are so soft and it has so many other health benefits, like giving you more energy, so it’s definitely worth trying it, I promise you will become addicted. Along with this I started to use an oil on my legs, because in the summer they are obviously out more often, it just helps to keep them looking amazing at all times. I love my Tom Ford dry body oil spray but after I ran out on Holiday I tried the This Works skin deep day leg oil and it works perfectly. 60 days until i’m back on Clearwater beach so I will continue to use this and definitely take it with me also!

Hair products are normally another topic where that I stick to what I know and like, but when I was in the US in June I bough the IGK Dry shampoo and texturing spray and I fell for them. I was worried they would make my hair feel packed with product, but they did the opposite! I actually only bought sample sizes to try but when I’m back in Sephora in November I will definitely be stocking up.

Finally, the most beautiful product that I cannot stop wearing, the new Jo Malone English Oak and Redcurrant cologne. I have mentioned this more than once on my isntagram stories and had so many questions about it. It is so luxurious, the scent is rich and very autumnal but not at all overwhelming. When I wear it, it reminds me of that quote about how glad I am to live in a world that has Octobers. Literally, this warm scent reminds me of cold nights wrapped up drinking tea, it’s almost comforting. Plus every time I wear it someones complements me the scent, so no wonder it’s my new go-to fragrance.

Have you tried any of these products? let me know your thoughts and if you have any other tips for keeping that summer glow all year, tweet me @lucyflorals.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

L x