It’s no surprise that I’m into simplicity, in fact it’s obvious from my capsule wardrobe just how much I love a simple look of denim, leather and a white tee. Yet if you scroll through my Instagram you will notice that there is always usually an edge. Whether it’s my Chunky boots or deep V-cut necklines I’ve always had this desire to add something unexpected to a simplistic look.

In terms of accessories I like to keep things minimal but again with an edge. I often layer simple necklaces and bracelets to create a beautiful but still understated look. Hence why I love Accurist so much when it comes to watches. The classic British brand embody that timeless style that I love and offer the most incredible collection of effortlessly beautiful classic timepieces.

I love the look of a classic delicate watch next to my chunky boots and biker Jacket, it just complements the look perfectly and adds that unexpected flair that I always try to include in my looks.

I have picked my favourite 3 pieces from the Accurist A/W 2017 and S/S 2018 collection (because I just couldn’t pick one) and styled them with an everyday look to show you just how perfectly each fits into the look. As well as how you can add understated pieces together to make your look pop and bring the focus on ‘the details.’

Since I can remember I’ve been a lover of the two tone strap probably because I like to mix metals with jewellery so I would say this is my favourite for that alone. However if you look a little closer you will see that beautiful mother of pearl face – this small detail catches the light so well and gives such a classic understated watch the edge that I love. It also makes it the perfect evening watch if you have an event as it so subtle but eye catching.

When I first started to take interest in watches I would always point out the chunky men’s styles and Chris would dismiss them, telling me they would look far too large on my wrist. It’s almost like it would look out of place, taking attention away from the beauty of the watch and just looking at how it wasn’t meant to be there. Over the past few years I have realised that you want your watch to complement your look and not be overpowering on the wrist. Especially if you are petite and have small wrists. The Gold Watch  I picked out was a little bigger than the previous but still sat beautifully on the wrist.

The simplicity of the gold bracelet with the striking white face meant it worked well as a statement piece, that was understatedly beautiful rather than overpowering. I especially love it with this look above – adding a little something to the white lace and denim, as well as matching in with the gold accents in my boots and bag. It really was the perfect match.

Finally, the Rose Gold Watch. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the rose gold as it’s not something I wear often in terms of jewellery but when I seen this piece in person and put it on my wrist I didn’t want to take it off. The face is a little bigger than the other two making it a little more modern but still classic, and the metal was prominent but again not overpowering as you think a rose gold watch could be. As with the others, it matched in perfectly with my everyday look and complimented the tones that I was wearing beautifully.

When testing out these watch styles I really wanted to see how wearable they were for everyday. They all seemed to pass the test as each one fitted in perfectly with my style and enhanced it, which is exactly what you want, because it’s all in the details – right?

 What do you think of these pieces, and what is your favourite of the three? Also do you have any favourite ways to style your watch with different looks to make it all about the details?

Let me know in the comments below and also don’t forget to share your own Accurist shots on social and if you don’t own an Accurist simply share your understated flair look. Don’t forget to use #UnderstatedFlair and tag @AccuristWatches in the shot as they are giving away Watches to the best images!

Read more about the #UnderstatedFlair movement here!

Thank you for reading, as always and have a wonderful week!

L x



Mother of pearl two tone Accurist watch (Code 8154)

Gold Accurist Watch (Code 8160)

Rose Gold Contemporary Accurist Watch (Code 8079)

Zara Lace Top

Vintage Levis Via Urban Outfitters


Created in Collaboration with Accurist – all views, styling and words are my own. Special thank you to Accurist for working with me on this post. 

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  1. August 15, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    Gahh!! I’m so in love!! Babe the rose gold is soooo beautiful! Perfectly styled with this lace and denim! Girl this is right up my alley!!

    Just beautiful babe!!



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