Life Starts At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

I have probably said this before, but i find it so difficult to dress in the summer. I spend most of my time in jeans and leather and everything else layered on top. I feel so much more comfortable dressing in menswear and actually feel manly when wearing dresses. I suppose this has something to do with shape as I am thin and straight up and down.

When it comes to looking for holiday/summer clothes, I always find myself in shorts – mostly denim, and as much as I love it, sometimes it can be repetitive and also boring for everyone reading my blog or following me on social media. So I decided I would branch out and try to find dresses that flatter my figure but also don’t leave me feeling more masculine than feminine.

Truth be told i’ve honestly never liked dresses, I find them boring, just one piece it is what it is, I prefer an outfit with lots of minimal components, like denim shorts with a white t-shirt then a blazer and so on. So I knew I had to find something floaty that would work with my leather jackets and blazers to take that feeling away.

I went into mango and picked up some off the shoulder summer pieces for Florida, but nothing was working for currently. I mean it is still only 15 degrees outside so I wanted something with long sleeves. After weeks of searching for this new experiment I had almost gave up when I seen this Réalisation Par-esque dress sitting at the back of H&M. The long sleeves, floaty-ness and plunging neckline instantly sold it to me.

After wearing it I have to say to start with I wasn’t too comfortable but with my Balenciaga boots and cosy leather over the top I actually enjoyed wearing it in the sunshine yesterday. It also felt so good to have bare legs for the first time this year!

Although I doubt I am converted to wearing dresses, I do feel like it’s another option to look at when it comes to everyday summer pieces and a lesson in that you should always try things out of your comfort zone (but within your instincts) because you may actually enjoy wearing it/ doing it/whatever.

Whats your favourite pieces to wear for summer and have you considered trying something different to be less boring? Please tweet me or leave a comment below to let me know!

Happy Monday & have a wonderful week.

I’m wearing:

H&M dress (this print isn’t online) but similar here

Zara Leather Jacket

Celine bag

Balenciaga Boots

Ray Ban Sunglasses