The Art of Layering

Every time I post an image on instagram, there are usually some form of comments about the layering in my outfits.

Layering is probably one of my most favourite techniques to use when dressing. I think it stems out of being always being cold. Living in Glasgow with the wind and the rain can be difficult when you hate being cold. I learned to layer well, especially when I was studying as I would be walking around town a lot in the colder months and sometimes the thought of stepping outside the house would give me fear. I quickly learned that adding layers even if it was just a t-shirt or a cotton shirt would help to keep me warm and happy but could also look really chic at the same time.

 Another reason would be that I just love the dimension that it gives. Especially when I am posting countless pictures of outfits on here & instagram and being the kind of uniform basics lover that I am, if I don’t layer it can be a bit one dimensional and boring.

As I get numerous questions and emails about layering and the best basic pieces to do it with, I have pulled together my favourite tips and tricks and also linked my favourite basic pieces to layer with.

  1. When layering, basics is honestly best. Stick to a colour palette and try to avoid clashing prints – if you want to mix anything then do it with textures.
  2. The longline t-shirt under a sweater is and has always been my favourite kind of layering but don’t be afraid to mix it up. Add a shirt under a sweater or a denim shirt over a t-shirt then pair with leathers or denims and add either a biker jacket or a blazer. It’s ALL about playing around with those key pieces and having some imagination.
  3. It’s in the detail! I love when I see outfits with where someone has paired a hoody under a biker and then flung a coat over their shoulders. A sweater or jacket worn with a blouse or shirt under can be enhanced by pulling the cuffs out of the sleeves to give extra exaggeration. The keys to layering pieces is all in those small details.

Those are the things I always try to keep in mind when thinking about layering and what outfit I want to wear. Give it a go, it really will give your look that something extra. Don’t forget you can do it in the summer months too! I often get bored of my outfits in the summer but once I started to layer lighter pieces on top with a skirt or shorts on the bottom I started loving my summer looks again and seriously can’t wait to try more again this season!

I’m Wearing.. 
Gap Knit

Gucci Dionysus Blooms bag
Balenciaga Boots
Mango Denim (Old but similar here)
RI Suede Biker Jacket
Adore Star Necklace
Zara blouse ft. in my latest Insta

                                          Wishing you all a wonderful week!