Staying Inspired

Recently I feel like i’ve had a bit of a creative block. At first I thought it was the weather but then even when the sun came my images were great, the light and quality were so perfect, but I hated the everything that I was wearing and they just didn’t feel right.

I continued to shoot a number of times per week, go shopping constantly (as well as online) but nothing was working. I suppose it is that time of year where its getting warmer and you no longer want to wear layers upon layers – yet that is what I’m good at. I have been so frustrated over this for the past few weeks and was wasting much time shooting then not using the images, and posting nothing to my blog or social channels.

Then a few nights ago I woke up at 3am, started scrolling through my phone and came across a Vogue article on Influencers by Sarah Harris. (Here) It was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone in or outside of the industry.

One part, however, really resonated with me and give me a clearer view to start creating better content again. Discussing instagram Camille Charriére talks about how she “knows what works and what doesn’t” and how in general people like simplicity and the realness aspect of her style and instagram compared to fashion magazines.

It is then that I think about why I changed my instagram back to all street style at the start of the year and why it has been the best thing I have done. Its what I started my blog based on and it’s my true passion. When I started doing flat-lays, spending hours looking for cute cafe’s and obsessing over the variety in my feed I was really unhappy. It wasn’t my life and I didn’t enjoy it.

Now I shoot the outfits that I love and wear on the streets I walk on everyday and I have this love of doing it again and sheer determination to work hard at it and succeed. So yesterday when I shot these images it wasn’t even the sunshine that has me glowing and happy (although a little help from my new NARS products which are literally amazing!) but how comfortable I felt whilst shooting. I felt like myself in my favourite basics, because after all that is my thing. My style has always been about classic basics – denim, leather and simplicity – and I need to trust more that I can wear these styles in different seasons and people will enjoy it as much as they do seeing long summery dresses and pretty frilly shirts, which don’t get me wrong I love on other people and have tried to wear so many times but truthfully I wouldn’t on a daily basis and that is exactly why I won’t shoot it.

So thank you Vogue and Camille for reminding me why I started and how important it is to know your audience when it comes to content creation. Thank you also to all my amazing readers and followers who stick with me even when I feel like this and produce little to no content. I can’t wait to keep creating new content as the seasons continue to change!

Wishing you all a happy Monday & a wonderful week!

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