Everyday Simple Skincare Routine

As I am determined to make my blog into a space where people can come and enjoy a good variety of posts – not just fashion – I’m going to start with my skincare routine.

I post parts of my skincare on insta stories often and get so many questions about the products that I use, so it seems right to finally write up a post about it.

I grew up with oily acne prone skin, which cleared when I was around 18. Ever since then I have had terrible break outs of dry red skin, the kind of break outs that were not only agony but my skin would almost flake off. I assume it was products that irritated my sensitive skin however I doubt the Steroid cream the doctors gave me helped either.

Around two years ago I was desperate to find the answer and started researching into natural skin care remedies. Whilst doing this I came across Eve Lom for the first time. Reading an interview with her, she spoke about how we should simplify our skincare routines, and use less products.

I started to use her cleansing balm day and night – I used it to remove my make up and then moisturised. Ever since then I have seen a massive difference in my skin, I can control most break outs and my routine is simple with no hassle at all – what we all need in our busy lives right?


As I said, I always remove my make up with the Eve Lom cleansing balm. I massage it onto dry skin, soak a muslin cloth in hot water and then use it to remove all of the make up. Its incredible and it comes off so easily and leaves my skin feeling great.

Every other night, or a couple of times a week I use the Rodial eye masks as I suffer from dry skin around my eyes and have terrible dark circles. I’ve been using these for a number of months and I love how much brighter they leave my eye area after use.

I also use my Eve Lom eye brightening cream, along with her moisturiser all over my face and neck.

Then right before I go to bed I put on an oil. I have numerous that I use – Rodial and Aesop to name a few, but my current favourite is the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I got this smaller version of the oil from Space NK and have been using it every night. It leaves my skin feeling incredible, especially when I wake up in the morning.

This is my everyday skincare routine but once or twice a week I normally do a mask (I have linked some of my favourite sheet masks below) and exfoliate my skin. As my skin is highly sensitive I either use my Origins or Clarins exfoliators, or the Kiehls skin brightening one.

PS – I’ve included the self tan I use in here also and linked below as I get so many questions about it. ST Tropez classic Bronzing Mousse is my ultimate fave!


Again I like to keep things simple, especially in the morning. I normally use my  Eve Lom cleanser again, however I have been adding in my Skin Laundry gentle face wash sometimes for quickness also.

Then I add a moisturiser, I am currently loving the IDC regen express or my Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream is also a favourite. Then I use my primer and Beauty flash balm, a little bit of my Eve Lom Lip Balm and I am ready to start my make up.

Honestly I have found that doing skincare in 2 or 3 simple steps has worked best for my skin. I can’t be too harsh on it because it breaks out and sometimes I found when exfoliating or using a Clarisonic made it much worse. Similar to packing lots of different products onto my skin, seemed to make it break out more often.

Please let me know if you stick to a similar simple routine and what your favourite products at the minute are!

Have a lovely weekend!