5 Different Things I Do to Ensure I Start the Week Productively

As I work from home part of the week when I’m working on my blog and different projects associated with it, I often found it difficult to know where to start. I have always been an organised and determined person but working from home is so different, especially when you are doing something creative. I found myself spending hours just planning content and outfits and then being angry as I hadn’t felt like I had “worked” hard enough or done as much as I should have with my day.

I have to remind myself often that this job is pretty much 24 hours a day and when I am working until 12pm it counts as much as the day time hours. In recent weeks as I find myself at my desk for much longer these days, I decided to make my office space into something inspiring where I felt I could be creative but as productive as I feel I need to be for my own sanity.

I have included some pictures of the progress (as it is no where near finished – feeling like I need some fresh white walls and parquet flooring next lol!) and some things that I have done to ensure I start my week off right and make sure it is a good and productive one.

  1. Create a space you love – Like I was saying above, I have really found that creating an inspiring space for myself has helped me with working at home. However this can affect anyone, because when I work at the office I still like to have small home comforts around me. Be it pictures of people you love, an inspiring screen saver, a holiday countdown, hand creams or any small decorative items, they can play a huge part in how inspired you are to work at your desk. If you watch my insta stories you will also see I recently started collecting prints for a gallery wall above my desk – I have had a lot of questions about them so I have linked the website I bought them from here.
  2. Buy the things you need – Even if you have to splurge on an item, if it is going to make your daily life easier – be it a new computer like I just bought, a new camera, a bigger memory card, an editing programme or whatever technical thing it may be, trust me it will be worth in the long run. Even if at the time you think you would much rather spend the money on something else, you will thank yourself in a few months with the difference it will make to your daily routine.
  3. Eat well and make time to eat – When i’m at home I find it difficult to eat, I have a coffee in the morning then I could go the whole day with just a breakfast bar or a banana. I was totally lacking in energy and by the end of the day I couldn’t focus at all. This goes for anyone in any job as we can often get so busy eating is the last priority. Now, I set times that I will try and eat, and as I eat small and often I try to snack on fruit peanut butter and more recently Kind Bars, to give me energy and keep me full throughout the day.
  4. Stay organised – this may seem simple but it’s so easy to fall behind with preparation. Yet being prepared will help you be productive more than anything else. I make a list each night or first thing in the morning of everything I have to do that day and the more I tick off the happier and more accomplished I feel. Plus the harder you work the quicker the day goes and then you can reward yourself with something you enjoy at night.
  5. Know yourself – for example I know that I work best at around 7am until about lunchtime and then late at night yet in the afternoon I seem to be useless. So I always do the more complicated or time consuming things that a need my concentration and attention in the morning usually and then in the afternoon I will do a little bit of different tasks. I also know that I cannot work in an untidy space, so be it your house at desk at work or even your car I think it’s always good to keep your workspace clear so that you can focus and it doesn’t look like you have more work than you actually do.
    There are so many other different things I have tried like sleeping longer (and shorter) and I used to run every morning before starting work, but since being unwell I can’t do that as much so these have been working for me and my life currently. I am however going to try Yoga again, as even though I prefer running alone to being in a class, I think the calming/breathing aspect of Yoga may be good for me.Please let me know if you have any other tips that help you stay productive, whether it be in the office or if you work at home – i’d love to hear them.Wishing you all a wonderful and happy week!