Weekend Casual

Happy Valentines day! I’m not necessarily someone who buys into Valentines day probably since I can’t eat out at restaurants, and so the past few years I haven’t really bothered to take part.

What I do love however, is showing kindness and love to people that you care about and I hope that everyone takes the time to do that today. Of course, flowers are nice too, because why doesn’t love to receive flowers? I got the most beautiful bunch from Chris last night, head to my instagram @lucyflorals to watch my insta stories & see how seriously gorgeous they are.

In other news, I’ve been so busy with work and projects that I feel the post I originally wanted to post on the blog this week has fallen behind, as it’s such a personal post I keep waiting for the right time to post it – but then again, is the time ever going to be right? Let me know what your thought’s are on more personal posts or if you just prefer my fashion posts.

If that is the case you can shop my casual weekend look below!

Have a wonderful week!