5 ways to tackle winter dressing with PANDORA

be honest, as we dive head first into winter, does anyone really enjoy swapping
moto jackets and light fabrics for heavy coats and layers? Unless you’re crazy,
the answer is no. However, as a native Glaswegian, where it’s cold for 11
months and 25 days of the year, I consider myself a pro when it comes to winter

year in particular, I wanted to test my skills by looking at different ways you
can pull together a capsule wardrobe for winter and identify the best ways to
accessorise appropriately for different occasions. It’s a simple truth that
winter clothes can be more expensive. Indeed, very few have the luxury of
having a different coat to wear for each day of the week. As a result, I have
been sticking by a few set rules (See below) for winter dressing that helps
escape the monotony of dressing entirely for functionality and the price tags
that come with it.

Top Tips 

1. First off, you’ll need a warm and
stylish coat – not only will it keep you warm when the temperature drops but it
will also help make winter dressing easier. You know that your coat will be
worn every day; therefore, you can plan a capsule wardrobe around it and
eliminate those early morning “what do I wear today dilemmas”.

2. Lets talk about the V-neck knit.
I’m telling you, this is its year. Chunky knits have never been more chic,
especially in a V-neck. It allows you to play around with accessorising and
create effortless yet unique looks. My advice? Ditch the scarf and accessorise
with jewellery.

3. Layering Necklaces, another favourite trick of mine this year.
Accessorising with necklaces allows you to layer without feeling so bundled up that
you can barely move. A winter coat and chunky knit will ensure functionality
and warmth, so add some layered necklaces like these beautiful PANDORA ones
that I’m wearing to really pull your look together. The locket is my favourite
as you can add charms  to the inside and make it
completely unique to you. I’m thinking of getting one of the Christmas Charms for
the locket and maybe even one or two that remind me of all the travelling that
I have been lucky enough to experience through my blog. The locket is also a
dream to accessorise with because of its length. Not only is it a standout on
its own, it is also incredibly easy to pair with other, more dainty pieces.

4. If you can’t tell by now, I love
layers. Clothes, cakes, pastries, necklaces and now, rings. Layering with rings
is something, which, I think is underused, as with rings, you can create the
most effortlessly chic look by simply adding two or three across both hands, like I have done here. The PANDORA pearl ring is perfect for layering, as it add height and sits beautifully next to all other rings. 

5. My final tip is to add some sparkle;
it is winter after all. Sometimes, even the simplest of additions can make you
smile and feel so good. Escape the monotony of winter dressing and add some
sparkle to your look by adding a simple yet beautiful piece, like one of the
gorgeous PANDORA rings.

what do you think? Please let me know if you try any of these and if you are harbouring
any winter styling secrets of your own, then please do share them with me!

I want to know, what are your favourite pieces to accessorise with in the
winter? I am so enjoying layering with the PANDORA Locket; it’s definitely my
favourite piece this season. Tweet me or leave a comment below with yours – I’d
love to hear!

Happy Monday evening & have a wonderful week. 

Pieces Mentioned

PANDORA Vintage Elegance Ring | PANDORA Pearl Ring | PANDORA Pearl Pendant on Silver Chain Necklace | PANDORA Locket | 

Created in Collaboration with PANDORA – all views, styling and words are my own. Thank you to PANDORA for working with me on this post.